Hello world!

I finally started, wow, I’m so excited. Ok, now what?…

My purpose: simply to blog about my life. I’d like to figure a few things out along the way and if I help one person (besides myself) during the process I’ll consider it a success.

Categories: I’m a wife and mother first, these will be major topics. I have two boys, currently 4 and 19 months. I’m in my late thirties and I’ve struggled with my weight since my first pregnancy. Well that’s not honest, but more about that later. I’m sure I’ll mention books, I mean how can I not, I love to read. I’ll probably mention tv and movies. I love to garden, as spring continues to begin you will see more on that. Politics I’m going to do my best to stay away from, not that I don’t have my opinions, I do, but that is not the point of  my blog. I’ll also write about my friendships and I’m sure many other things.

I hope to reach someone, especially myself!


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