My youngest (19 months) has recently become attached to a little plastic banana and a little plastic spoon.  He loves to ask me what they are called.  He drags them around all day.  If he doesn’t have them he knows where they are, too cute

Today is grocery day.  I need to go through my coupons, cut, sort and decide what I’ll need today.  I’ll also check my stores site for extra deals.  Decide what I’ll be getting from the main store and Sam’s club.  I have a spreadsheet that tracks prices at both stores, down to the quantity or ounce.  It was a pain to set up but now I know, but I have to keep it up and remember that when items go on sale it doesn’t mean that it suddenly beats the other store.  While I’m out I’ll also stop at the library, which is a weekly stop for me.  Today I’m dropping off two books and picking up one from inter-library loan.  Love my library!!!

The husband and the oldest (4 yrs) are going to the library tonight to see a magician, so exciting

I’m off to eat a sensible breakfast.  I’ve been up for over two hours.  Took care of the kids, invoiced a client, completed a report and sent that to another client, started my blog and now I’m late getting my breakfast, typical.  I break all the simple rules of weight loss, it’s easy to see why I’m not losing weight.  Well I’m going to attempt to change that, we’ll see wont we.


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Too cute. My daughter has her little princess dolls that she has to take with her everywhere. Grocery day, laundry day…it’s always some “day,” always something to do. The work never ends! 😉

    • Hey Jeff, thanks for the comment, my first!! You are right of course, the work is always there. Even if you don’t get it done, it just sits and waits for you, how kind.

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