Good Morning Everyone!!

I just checked out my stats and it appears a few people have looked at my blog, how cool is that.  Hello and thank you for visiting 🙂

My husband’s long work week starts today.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that he is a working musician.  He makes all his income from playing, a bit for writing and recording and he teaches a few lessons each week.  I’m happy to say he is the bread-winner.  When our marriage started I was working full-time and he was in an original band that he loved.  Now he is in, what we call, a jobbing band.  He plays all covers at bars, country clubs, corporate events and weddings.  With all his efforts I can work part-time (I’m a self-employed project manager) and stay home with our boys.  But each week he travels a ton and this week is no exception.  He has gigs tonight and tomorrow night (he’ll come home after those) and when he leaves friday he wont be back until late Tuesday 😦 …home alone with our two boys for 4 days, should be fun, but tiring

My sinus cold feels lighter today, but it’s the am, always feel better in the am

I planted crocus bulbs last fall in my front yard and they are starting to bloom, so beautiful.  Don’t forget to look for color sprouting around where you live.  This is a magical time of year that no one should miss!!

We have a DVR, what a great invention, it truly changed the way I watch TV.  Although I still watch hours of TV each week, I no longer feel chained to it.  Last night we watched an episode of the Event (not the newest, we are a bit behind), wow, crazy cool show.  Could the bad old guy actually be a bad good guy???  How many people are left on Sophia’s home planet…thousands, millions, billions, oh my 🙂


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