My cold is slowly getting better, wahoo, ya know, enjoy your small victories.

Foggy morning here, love mysterious mornings, if I don’t have to drive in them 🙂

My oldest boy, the 4-year-old, likes to say poop after everything.  I have to say that it makes me smile every time, why is that?  I mean, what is so funny about Hi mommy poop, can I play outside poop?  He laughs and I try not to laugh, so silly.  Simply silly that’s my boys, gosh I love that, it lightens my day.

Found a new author yesterday.  Have I mentioned I love paranormal romance?  Here is her site: the first novel is First grave on the right.  She got a quote from J.R. Ward, wow, anyone who likes paranormal romance knows that’s a really great get for a new author.  I have of course added her to my TBR list.  I’ll give you my review after I finish her first book.

Due to my cold I have not made any progress on my home projects or my work outs.  I’m really hoping that when the cold is over I’ll get back to the good habits that were just starting to form…we’ll see.  What good habits are you most proud of?

Husband got home at 5am last night from work, so he’ll probably sleep past noon.  Tonight and tomorrow am is the same schedule.  At least I will have him up and around and helping with the boys in the afternoon.

American Idol…yes I watch.  I’m very impressed with the show this year.  The change in judges was smart and the kids are really really talented.  I have no idea who should go home this week.  The past two weeks have really been impressive.  Everyone is in it to win it.  If you have not watched yet this year start with tonight.


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