A motherly visit

My mom came for a visit.  My parents live two hours away, so their visits usually last a few days.  She brought here dog, Mario, with her.  Mario is a sweet little dog, I like him a lot more now that he is not teething and chewing all the toys in my house.  What I don’t like about Mario is his barking and the way he terrorizes my poor cat.  We put a gate at the stairs and my Yoda hides all day up stairs, until Mario goes to bed.  Yoda can’t wait for them to leave and I at times feel the same way.

My boys love my mom and I do too, but…

My mom is a typical italian catholic mother…if this brings critical comments and guilt to mind, you’ve got my mom pinned.  To top things off my mom is a non stop talker.  It’s amazing, it’s like she’s a tween, you know, those girls that role from one comment to the next without waiting for your input.  I think she feels that she still has a lot to teach me, that she isn’t doing her job unless she is enlightening me in some way.

I really do enjoy her visits, but as much as she helps she wears me down twice as much.

I hope you all survive your next challenging visit with grace and thanks for the love it is given in…that is my challenge for the day 🙂


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