April 13, 2011

Spring is here, time to start getting seriously moving on the yard.  Today I’m going to concentrate on the leaves, the left over leaves from fall have found their way into every nook in my yard.  Once the leaves are clear my next step will be to weed, yes, the weeds have already started to grow.  Get weeds now while they are small, less work now than later!!  Thirdly I’ll be cutting away spent stems from my perennials that I didn’t take care of in the fall.  So leaves, weeds and trimming, it should be a great day :)…On the happier side of spring…my Daffodils look like they will bloom soon, the tulips still have a way to go though.  My crocuses are beautiful right now, yeah something to encourage today.

I watched the movie Life as we know it (with Katherine Heigel) over the weekend.  I’ll preface my review by saying I wasn’t expecting much, also I had just watch Evening (with Claire Danes) which left me so sad that I needed something light to chase it with.  I was pleasantly surprised, of course I wasn’t the most convinced that they loved each other in the end, but it was a sweet movie.  I actually liked the doctor (played by Josh Lucas) more than I liked Josh Duhamel’s character, I felt a little set up for it though.  I mean the doctor’s character was sweet and Josh Duhamel’s character left a lot to be desired.  Oh well, it was a sweet movie and I enjoyed it none the less.  My parting thought…I want to see another Josh Lucas movie 🙂


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