August 18, 2011

It’s snowing, urggg, my poor lilac buds 😦 I want to cry, but I’m holding it together, for now 🙂 I’ll let you know if the buds survive

Went to a book sale on Saturday at my library, what a bargain!!!  I got 4 books for myself and two for my boys and spent $3.  Do you know when your library has its book sales?  I have to say I am a frequent library fiend, I usually make weekly visits.  My own books at home were feeling neglected, just sitting there and never getting read.  So my current plan is to stay away from the library for a few weeks, we’ll see how I do.  I feel withdrawal coming on.

I’ve almost finished writing my first book.  I have at least 3 more chapters to write and several read thrus to do but I can tell I’m close.  Recently I finalized, in my head, the rest of the series.  It is amazing how the ideas are in your head and then plop, you pick them right out.  I’ve heard from authors how characters tend to write themselves and I am having the same experience.  I love it!!!  Over the next few months I hope to tell you about my attempts at getting published.  I already know the epublisher I plan to approach first.  I know my chances of getting published and seeing any income from my writing is low, but the process so far has been very rewarding.  I’m interested to see how I feel 6-months from now.  I don’t plan on sharing any details about my plots, but I will tell you all everything else.


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