April 19, 2011

The snow is gone, thanks for visiting, now stay away 🙂

Watched the coolest episode of Fringe last night, they took us into Olivia’s consciousness.  It was strange in the parts where zombies began to chase them.  At one point they found someone they were looking for, but when they opened the door they became a comic, sooo cool!!  If you watch Fringe and haven’t yet watched the end of this episode, skip to my next section because this is your SPOILER ALERT!!!…There was a strange guy in the comic with a large X across his chest.  He damaged the zeppelin they were in and jumped out, so strange.  When Peter asked Olivia about the stranger, after they rescued here and returned to non comic/outside Olivia’s consciousness, she said something like, I don’t know, but I think he’s going to kill me.  What, gosh I love this show!!!

So right now I have a book I just started reading that is waiting for me in my family room and in my iPad I am in the middle of two books.  Why do I do this?  I know these books are all different and I seem to be drawn to the different books at different days or time of day.  I don’t like when I read three books at a time because it is an added pressure.  I mean trying to remember three books at one time is a little silly.  Do you ever do this?

Yesterday the boy I watch before school was having a grouchy day and he wouldn’t play with my son (both are 4).  My son kept trying different things and didn’t get discouraged, but my hackles went up.  I talked to my son later about what happened.  I told him it was ok to stick up for himself and be honest with the boy.  He seemed to relax when I told him that he deserved friends that were nice to him and he could tell this boy that he wouldn’t want to play with him anymore if he continued to be mean.  I thought about the whole thing later and was amazed, although we often talk about being polite, we haven’t (until now) started to talk about how to stick up for ourselves.  This is certainly an area where I want to guide my son, interesting the things that you don’t automatically talk about.


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