April 20, 2011

I saw the coolest show last night.  First I’ll tell you that I studied dance from 4th grade through college.  Dance took me a lot of places and sometimes I wonder if I could have made any kind of living at it, but I gave it up in my early twenties.  I now have a husband and a couple of kids, so no regrets.  The show is on E, called The Dance Scene and it shows some of the realities of being a dancer.  If you’ve enjoyed shows like So You think you can Dance or Dancing with the Stars than Dance Scene is a much watch show for you!!

Dance Teachers are a rough crowd, I was not surprised at all in how she treated her dancers.  The show brings back a lot of memories, not all bad either.

Do you have something in your life that pushes you past your endurance or what you think you could do?  Some of the most rewarding and enjoyable moments in my life have been when I’ve dared to try…hmmm, interesting


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