April 22, 2011

oh boy, American Idol was interesting last night…the bottom three were predictable (Jacob, Stefano and Haley).  Haley was the first sent back to the couches…and it was Stephano who said goodbye unfortunately.  I think he knew it was his time, he had that knowing smile on his face, probably a smile to cover the severe disappointment.  I’m not that sad about his departing, since I know mostly these three will all be gone in the next couple of weeks

David Cook performed his new single (“The Last Goodbye”) last night and it was awesome!!  David explained his continued efforts to support research (after loosing his brother) in brain cancer.  He’ll be the DC Honorary Chair in this years Race for Hope DC.

Also Katy Perry performed, well not live anyways, according to E News she taped her performance (with Kanye West) last week due to her laser light show.

Almost forgot to tell you, James Durbin was really crushed about Stefano’s departure.  Tears fell when he heard the news.  After Stefano got out his last note, of his fairwell song, James grabbed him and swung him around.  Pretty cool sight.  When everyone else joined them on stage James stepped back and allowed his buddy Stefano the spot light and everyone’s attention, classy.


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