April 28, 2011 (updated)

The top six performed last night on  American Idol and it was a great show.  The obvious best performance was from James Durbin.  Jennifer Lopez hit the nail on the head when she said “He has not blown one week!” and it’s true, he’s consistent.  In fact, his performances keep getting better.  I started the show this year an instant Lauren Alaina fan and I still am, but now I think I want James to win, sure would like to see them both in the final.

Jacob was part of my prediction to leave last week, well he didn’t, but I’m going with the same prediction for this week.  He’s certainly a great performer, but his voice just isn’t hangin.  I plan on updating my post tonight to let you know.

Lauren did a really good job tonight, she pushed her voice and it made for a better performance.  Scotty also pushed his voice and had a great performance as well.  Lauren and Scotty also did a very nice duet.

Casey sang “Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll),” no surprise here, but he started the tune with one hand on the mic and the other playing a ditty on the high-end of the piano, very nice.  Haley had a solid performance and she and Casey had a pretty good duet.

The worst performance of the night by far was the duet by Jacob and James.  Apparently the producers made them sing “I’m Into Something Good,” it didn’t look good and it didn’t sound good either.

That’s all for now, until tonight…

UPDATE: well, Jacob was saved for another week and it was…Casey that was sent home.  He took it really well and his last performance was a lot of fun to watch.  He went into the audience a few times and kissed at least a dozen girls.  At the end he walked up to Haley and sang his final line “you are mine,” very sweet.


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