May 9, 2011

Why does it take me 20 minutes to get out of bed?  For some reason I must push snooze twice.  I think I’m going to move up my alarm or I may never get in a 40-minute workout, urrrgggg.  I am pleased that after skipping my workout last Thursday and taking a break for the weekend, I got right back to it on Friday and again Today!!!  I feel the habit-forming and I am so pleased and proud too.

I finished weeding/mulching a large bed yesterday.  I still have a few beds to go, but I am so ahead of the game.  I have to think that getting up in the am to workout puts me in the frame of mind to stay active the rest of the day.  Although I would still love to sit and read the day away, I have not in some time.  Unfortunately I don’t read as much, but I’m getting others things done, which is a plus.

My writing has hit a rough patch.  I’ve started the section where everything is going really well, which you’d think would be a joy to write.  I know the down fall is coming and it is making the happy parts hard to write.  I’m actually feeling anxiety over my characters coming heartache.  I’m tempted to skip forward to write the ugly part.  Do you ever write out-of-order or do you always write from the beginning to the end?


One thought on “May 9, 2011

  1. I cannot comment on the writing bit because the only I writing I do is my personal blog. However, I would like to comment to say congratulations on keeping up with the workouts. I love working out in the mornings, which really only happens on the weekends for me due to my schedule, because I feel great for the rest of the day afterwards. Keep up the good work!

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