May 19, 2011

American Idol was awesome last night!!  The top 3 had three performances each and they each had a time to shine.  I’m tempted to say I think It’s going to be an all girl final, but who knows what America thinks???  highlight for me was Haley signing Led Zeppelin‘s “What Is and What Should Never Be.”  Her dad played guitar for her, how awesome is that!!  I’m sure the other contestants had to ok this decision and their parents got to say a few words during the night, pretty cool and cute.  Lowlight for me was Beyoncé’s critiques, sugar sweet, didn’t seem all that helpful to me.  They did premier Beyoncé’s new video, awesome!!  There were two slip ups tonight, Haley fell down during a performance while going up the steps, quick recovery.  Lauren missed some words while she got caught up in her performance, but also got right back on track.  Slips happen and these two ladies handled it like professionals.  Lauren’s confidence issue showed up again tonight, but she still did awesome.  I think I want Scotty to go home, sad to say, but someone must and the girls ruled the roost last night!!!

I was up early this am for work and now I’m heading downstairs for a 40-minute workout, yahoo!! 🙂


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