May 26, 2011

Ah man Lauren didn’t win 😦 but last night’s American Idol finale was rockin, wowsers 🙂

So many stars came out and performed and there were some seriously funny stuff too.  If you didn’t see the clip of James and Casey talking about who was the more shocking vote off you’ve got to watch it, and keep watching until the end, funny and cute.  Oh and you got to see Casey and Jack Black perform.

The weakest performance I’m sad to say came from TLC, seriously love them and it was great to hear their songs and see those moves again.  TLC performed with the top ladies and it was the strangest performance.  I think TLC did not sing live, but the top ladies did, just weird.  Beyoncé performed on her own and with the top 13 ladies, both were pretty great (but neither topped her Oprah performance from Monday).  Judas Priest performed with James, which rocked the house.  Lady Gaga performed on her own which was pretty awesome, except for the overly dramatic swan dive she and her dance/simulating sex partner took off the stage, I mean come on.  Haley performed with Tony Bennett!!  Tim Mcgraw and Scrotty sang a duet which was pretty awesome, as was Lauren’s duet with Carrie Underwood.  Tom Jones performed with the top guys and it was actually pretty good.  And if that wasn’t enough Bono and the Edge brought their broadway spidey.  Wow, the flying spiderman who flew from the rafters to land right in the aisle in the middle of the audience, way cool and the song was amazing too!!!!!  Marc Anthony performed, man he can sing and Shiela E played drums (how cool) and Jennifer lead the dancers, she can really shake :)!!  Steven Tyler performed dream on, yes, simply awesome!!!!

Yes all of that was in one show!!!  Several minutes after 10pm we finally found out that Scotty won.  He didn’t even really try to sing, he walked into the audience and his voice would cut in and out as he hugged his family.  Apparently his last family member was seated next to Jack Black, but Scotty left Jack hangin with his arms open as he turned back to the stage, funny.

I’ve found most of the performances here check it out.  A sign of a great show: it took over 2 hours to find out Scotty won and I didn’t think about  that once during the show.


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