May 30, 2011

It’s Memorial Day, a day to remember all the men and women who have died for our freedom.  I have a few friends and a few family members who have served (my father-in-law is a proud Navy man and my Grandpa was a cook in the Army).  I feel very fortunate that as an American the ugliness of war is not at my finger tips.  The extremely brave men and woman of our armed forces are simply amazing, they do things I can not, they do things so I don’t have to.  One of my favorite things to do is to thank those that serve.  They are easy to spot when they are in the uniforms they wear so very proudly.  However how do you say thank you to all the families, the mothers and fathers, the wives and husbands and the kids of those that serve.  Thank them for supporting these brave men and woman and for waiting for them to come home.  Like most things in life we can’t do them alone.  Today and all days I remember those who have died, who have served and who supported, thank you.  Thank you for the peace we have today.


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