June 13, 2011

Last Friday I didn’t report on my weeks workout efforts because it was a tough morning and I didn’t get up to workout.  I was feeling overly tired, so I decided Friday would be my off day and I’d get up early Saturday and workout (my normal off day).  Well,…I didn’t get up Saturday morning either, but I did get in a workout on Saturday afternoon.  I got out my Bosu ball, what a fun workout.  It’s not 40-minutes (not the one I have anyway), but it’s almost 30-minutes and works my muscles in a different way.  This week proved to me that if I get off track I can still pull out a good week.  If you caught my June 8th post you’ll know that this week started while I was on vacation, I did skip my Sunday workout (normally Pilates) and my Monday and Tuesday workouts were done on a hotel treadmill.  Wednesday and Thursday I got right back on track with my 40-minute workouts at home.  Although I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do, I am extremely pleased.  Normally these times are when my workouts stop entirely and I’m still in the game!!  I’m not giving up this time, I’m going to stay on this journey as long as it takes!!!  Yesterday I got in my Pilates and this am (Monday) I got up (just a little late) and got in my 40-minute workout!!

I’m also happy to report that my pants are starting to feel a little loose!!  Of course I have a way to got before I fit in the next size down, but the process has begun!!!

I’m sad to report however that I made several bad food choices over the weekend and in turn didn’t feel the greatest.  Per usual, you eat like crap…you feel like crap.  It appears I still need to pound moderation into my head.  I know I’ll never get rid of the junk forever, but a little bit every once in a while would work a lot better!!  I’m not even going to focus on the obvious, all that junk made my weight go in the opposite direction.  My focus is on how it made me feel, mentally not good, but physically I felt terrible.  I’m going to take this re-learned knowledge into a brand new week.  As Anne of Green Gables often reminds me: tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it 🙂


4 thoughts on “June 13, 2011

  1. I love your attitude! We can’t be perfect everyday, but the point is to keep trying and not give up. And of course, Anne of Green Gables, and that quote specifically, is one of my favorites. 🙂

    • Thank you Amy!! We can’t be perfect everyday…you are so right and it’s this little tidbit that I’m finally getting. It’s ok to faulter, just get back up and try again, so simple. I’ve got a feeling the change in attitude is going to keep me on this journey, all the way this time. Thanks for the support!!

  2. You are so smart to have recognized the minor setbacks as learning experiences because really that is what they are. I think the best thing I have learned so far is recognizing how I feel when I eat certain foods, remembering that feeling, and then recalling that feeling the next time I want to eat it. This helps remind me if it is a good food (I feel good, gives me energy, satisfying) or a bad food (I feel crappy, lazy, lethargic) so I know what to skip and what to crave. I think there is always more to learn about yourself and your body emotionally, physically, mentally and it is important we continue to grow and change accordingly. You are doing great! Big hugs!

  3. Very good learning experiences and just because I know them doesn’t mean that I won’t make them again. But I’m working on living more aware. Now is the time to stop and think, as I’m working on changing my life style. Thanks for the support Dacia, you’re so helpful!!

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