June 27, 2011

Simple truths…

I’ve been thinking this morning about trouble I make for myself.  How does trouble always happen?  There is always something I wish I handled differently, mostly because I’m a procrastinator, but not always.  I’ve been taking a just do it or just get it done attitude lately and it has really helped.  There are still things in my day-to-day life that I wish I would handle differently.  Whether it be with some task for work or house work, I’m always pushing something off until others problems arrives from them not getting done.  I’m wondering today if I have a pattern in my life, of trying to take control.  Trying to feel more empowered in my life by willingly not taking care of some things???  Do you have tasks in your life that you unconsciously put off, or rather have not realized why you put them off?  I’m going to attempt to shove through this pattern and attack head on those tasks that I sense in me a wanting to put off.  I’m curious how I’ll feel when I’m more conscious about the trouble I make for myself.  Will I feel better, worse, more aware and will that lead to better choices…a pattern to the positive?


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