June 28, 2011

Hello all, or should I say the few and the strong 🙂 thank you to any and all who are still reading my blog.  You help me to feel not quite so lonely in the blog world.

I finished my latest book yesterday and I’m still waiting for Amazon to deliver the latest Stephanie Plum, I’m so excited I keep checking on the tracking, it better arrive today!!!

Yesterday I finished #4 in the Fever Series. I found this series this past February and I love it!!!  Lucky for me the 5th and final book in the series came out this past January, so I get to move right on to the end and oh I can’t wait!!  The 4th book ends with quite the cliffhanger.  I kept reading the last page over and over, wait, wait, what, oh my, what does this mean!!!! 🙂  Love it, so much fun!!


2 thoughts on “June 28, 2011

  1. I read smokin’ seventeen last week! Paul bought it for me on Tuesday (on his Kindle) and I read and finished it the same day! Did you know that One for the Money is being made into a movie? I think it comes out in January.

    Last week I also read The Hunger Games. Have you read that?

  2. I usually read the Plums in a day or two as well, they are so much fun, I can’t wait!! But the year wait for the next one is hard 🙂 Oh Yes I have read the Hunger Games books, love them!! You know what else is good, the Immortal Instruments, have you read those, now the author has a prequal series too. I am looking forward to seeing the one for the money movie, but my expectations are low, b/c I really want to like it. They are also making Hunger Games into a movie and I’ve heard they are making Immortal Instruments into a movie as well. Hunger Games has a fun Podcast: BTR: Hunger Games Fireside Chat Podcast | Blog Talk Radio. You sure are catching up this am aren’t you. Thanks a ton for liking my posts!!!

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