July 3, 2011

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!  My oldest has been at my in-laws for the past two nights and I miss him so very much.  I get to go pick him up in a few hours, I can’t wait.

I learned how old I was the other day, through a grammar lesson of all things.  I learned how to type long before the internet was around, long before Windows 95.  I learned how to type on a type writer, which had uniform character spacing, i.e. the i takes as much space as the a.  To help make the period at the end of a sentence visible, we’d put two spaces after the period.  Now a days we have varied character spacing, which means skinny characters like the i takes up only the space it needs and the two spaces are no longer needed, I didn’t know this.  As you can see the double space will be a hard break for me.  I need to learn it though, as I also learned that publishers take the extra space out, so they like receiving manuscripts with only one space after the period.  I guess I’m glad I learned this little fact now, when I’m only 75% done with my first novel and not after it was finished.  First I need to learn to stop double spacing. Gosh that feels strange. 🙂

I need to give you all an update on my weight loss journey. I started the week pretty sadly. I completed my Monday and Tuesday workouts in the afternoon and Monday’s was only 20 minutes. Wednesday I got back on track with a new hard workout. I was sore on Thursday, but I still fit in a workout. Friday I did the new hard workout again and it was awesome, yesterday I wasn’t as sore, proving I can push myself ever more next time. I did take yesterday and today off, not good, since yesterday I feel off the food wagon. Did I give in to my indulgences because I was a 5 on the hunger scale, that would be a big fat NO. I was hungry, but I could have made a better, more appropriately sized choice. I was eating emotionally. My husband and oldest son were gone, I was lonely and gave in. I felt terrible afterwards, I actually felt terrible during. I knew what I was doing and it did not give me the usual warm and fuzzy feeling, so not worth it!!! I big lesson for me and something I’m going to spend some time thinking about.

I just had to go back and take out the extra space after the periods, I didn’t even make it 50/50. The change is going to be tough on me 🙂

I finished the latest Stephanie Plum yesterday and of course I enjoyed it. The book had every thing I’ve loved, Joe, Ranger and lots of funny. It felt like a book I read before, nothing really new, I didn’t learn anything new about Stephanie. I actually felt that Stephanie was hiding from her feelings and not sharing them with all of us. Is it just mean, am I the only one who actually wants to see Stephanie take the next step in her life. I love Ranger, but come on, pick Joe, marry him and have some babies. I want to read how Stephanie handles all of those things, I know there would be a ton of funny there. Yes that would change the series and make it into something it’s not, but I can dream. The good news is that we don’t have to wait a whole year for #18, which is coming out in November. Although I was a little disappointed with this one, and the last few actually, I’ll still always read them the week they come out.

ok, that paragraph I actually did worse, there was only one sentence that I didn’t have to correct.

Happy 4th everyone!!


5 thoughts on “July 3, 2011

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  2. I think it is pretty much impossible to be perfect all the time. I think if we can be better; eat healthier, exercise, take care of ourselves, 90% of the time we are doing amazing. Yes, you may have had a rough night food wise and maybe your workouts weren’t where you wanted them to be. It’s ok. You can be mad at yourself but only if you take that energy and focus it into doing better tomorrow or next week. Never let one meal or one skipped work out hold you back from being better tomorrow.
    As for the new JE book, I totally agree. I know that if Stephanie married Morelli and settled down then maybe there won’t be more books but heck, I think JE could easily stretch that storyline into 5 more books. I love the fun, lightheartedness of the books and that they are quick reads but I am ready for a little more. I mean heck, we are up to 18 now- I think there is some room for character development.
    Have you read Wicked Appetitie?

  3. Well aren’t you sweet!!! I just checked my library and they have 6 copies available, I’m actually heading there today. It’s finally my turn to pick up the last book in the Fever Series, and I’ll pick up Wicked Appetite too. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    oh, almost forgot to mention there is a long discussion on Goodreads about how everyone is hoping Janet makes a changing move for Stephanie…here’s hoping Janet starts listening and her publisher lets her

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