July 9, 2011

I’m such a dork, you should see the excel file I’ve got going.  Right now I have 4 tabs:

  1. THR – I have the target heart rate calculation, with columns for my first calculation from a few months ago and just this past week
  2. Weight and Calories – On this tab I’ve documented my current weight, my calculation for how many calories I should be eating (based on my height, activity and wanting to lose weight), rows for each week where I’ll track my weekly weight and my calories eaten each day, this row also contains a formula to compare the current week’s weight from the week before.  I’m also tracking my BMI on this tab, my biggest goal is obviously to get into the normal weight range.
  3. Workouts – columns with the date, minutes worked out and description of the workout, this tab also sums the total minutes worked each week.  I’m hoping this tab will help me make sure I’m varying my workouts and getting 300 minutes in each week
  4. Measurements – a row for each body part I want to measure and a column for each week, with a column between each week to calculate the difference

The file didn’t take long to set-up, but I’m hoping it will be helpful in the weeks and months to come, as I adjust my actions to ensure I’m on the path to reach my goals.  I know many weight loss clubs provide tracking tools, so I figured I needed to get my own going.

Today was my first Saturday workout.  I so didn’t want to workout this am.  I was so very tired when the alarm went off, I just wanted to turn it off and relax.  I remembered my new goals, the fact that I could get up (another moment of silence)…got up and I’m so glad I did.  I got in a great 40 minute workout and I feel pretty great right now!!

Happy weekend everyone!!


2 thoughts on “July 9, 2011

  1. I love the excel file setup! I need to start one for my measurements but maybe I will do other tabs as well. Maybe even created some charts of the results. Thanks for the idea!

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