July 11, 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty great.  I got in some yard work, family time and time with friends.  We saw a play in the park last night.  Kindleberger park is a really pretty park, with all kids of huge trees, several play structures, a walking path and lots of space to throw a ball.  They also have a stage were they put on free events all summer long.  This week they put on the Sound of Music.  Gretl was played by a friend of ours.  She is only two weeks older than my oldest and she was amazing, stole the show as a almost 5 year old cutie pie can do.  We met some good friends at the park, setup our lawn chairs in the shade and had a good time.  To top off a good time we went for ice cream…

I just finished my first weekend under my new plan and it went really well.  I got in good 40-minute workouts in both mornings and had good food days as well!!!  I packed all kinds of healthy snacks for the play in the park yesterday, but of course we still got popcorn.  It was the good popcorn too, yummmm, I only had a few pieces.  As you read above our family went out for ice cream last night.  I didn’t order anything but I did take a couple bites, ok, maybe four small bites of my son’s chocolate ice cream sundae, which had sprinkles.  I really could have blown it yesterday and if I did I wouldn’t have been too hard on myself, but I took a couple of bites to experience the yummy and that was it, pretty cool.

My concern right now is that I think I’ll pull this week out and I have high hopes for the next several weeks.  But can I really keep this up for a whole year???  I’m reassuring myself right now that I’m in this for the long haul, no matter how long it takes.  I’m hoping I will worry less about failure once the habit of my new plan is firmly seated, not sure how long that will take, one month, two?

I’m pretty sure the workouts are a habit now.  That is not to say that I’ve made every intended workout, but the next day I’m getting right back on schedule.  For those of you that have been at this awhile, how long before you were instinctively choosing good foods/portions?  It may very well always be a struggle for me.  I know I’ll fall off the food wagon, I’m simply hoping that I can get right back on and that it becomes less of a mental game to stay on.

Have a great week friends.


4 thoughts on “July 11, 2011

  1. Sounds like you had a vacation at home; those are the best. I love the Sound of Music. It always makes me want to sing and dance around the room like a fairy, even though I’m not near that graceful.
    So, happy for you Sidney. You’re a fun gal!
    ~ Gina

  2. For me, it took a few months to have the routine set in. I still make bad food choices every now and then but I have found that I am only eating until I am satisfied not until I am ready to puke. I also don’t get mad at myself for a burger or pizza every now and again. I just eat healthy the rest of the day and not let it set me back mentally. Someone once told me that skinny people don’t eat healthy all the time, they just do it less than heavy people do. it’s ok to splurge every now and again and have special treats, we just can’t eat that way all the time. You’ll get there, sooner than you think. You are doing great. Remember- there is no finish line so just take it a day at a time, that’s all you can do. I find that short term goals help from feeling overwhelmed. It will be at least a year for me to reach my goal weight and that is very far away. But I am hoping to hit 15% in the next 6 weeks- much more manageable.

  3. 15%, yes that does sound better than a year. One of the nice things about being short is that it doesn’t take much weight loss to show on my body, but of course the reverse of that is true as well. I’m hoping to reach the 15% point in early August, we’ll see. Thanks for helping me to see that reachable goal, so important!!!

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