July 12, 2011

I have several bits of news to share, some exciting and some challenging.  I’m not ready for the challenge, but that’s how life goes, it hardly ever waits until you say, ok, now I’m ready.

First some good news, I gots me some new shoes!!!  I love my new shoes, they’re cute, light, comfortable and very supportive.  I also got myself a new sports bra, not just any sports bra, I got the Fiona from moving comfort.  I’ve also decided to officially retire my work out pants, I’ve been wearing them for the past 5 years.  I originally bought them to workout when I was pregnant and until recently they still fit pretty well, how sad is that!!  Now the waist just doesn’t stay put and it’s distracting, which makes me so very happy.

I weighed myself this morning, one day early (for the reason see the next paragraph).  So did I gain, stay the same or lose…I lost 1.8 pounds, in just 5 days.  I hit the weightloss rock bottom last Thursday and today, after making changes, I’m a loser once again!!  I still have two more pounds to lose to get to the weight I was just over a month ago.  So far my changes have worked out pretty good.  Working out through the weekend, although tough, really helped me to make the right food choices.  Tracking my calories and drinking enough water has been working out pretty well.

Now for the bad news, today I’m traveling to spend 5 days with my parents and my in-laws and I’ll be attending a county fair and a birthday party.  Obviously this trip is not coming at the ideal time.  I’m not even a full week into my new plan.  But I’m still committed to my plan.  I’m taking all my workout gear, my tracking sheets and I’m going to get my workouts in and I’m going to make good food choices.  Well, that’s not totally true, I’ll allow myself a couple cheats, but just a few reasonably sized cheats.

I feel that I’m on the right track and I want to keep losing!!!  I’ve never brought my workouts home before, I’ve always just taken those days off.  I can feel my commitment to the process is still very strong, but I’m still worried.  I’ll do the best I can and hope to lose another pound in this next week and 50 or so weeks after that.  Big girl breath…



4 thoughts on “July 12, 2011

  1. You can do it! Plan, plan, plan! I try to set small goals for myself on trips and such. Even if I get in only 1 or 2 workouts it’s a success because normally 0 would have been my number! Also, try to think of some substitutes for foods you would normally enjoy, but now may not keep you on plan. Having handy alternatives is great in times of snacking temptation. But most importantly, when you do get home, get right back to it! No matter what happens while you’re gone, don’t let it get you off track. You got this! 🙂

  2. Thanks Amy!! Alternatives, that’s got me thinking…you are so right, getting right back on track after any set back is key. Good news for today is that I finally got my workout it, after several things tried to derail it, but I got it in and I feel pretty good about it. Now on to a fair and all that comfort food I have to resist.

  3. You are doing great Sidney! 1.8 pounds woo hoo! I am so happy for you. Yay!

    You have the right attitude heading into this trip and I know you will do well. Make sure to walk alot at the fair and keep moving even if it’s not traditional workouts- it will still help keeping you motivated and feeling good.

    I love the sneakers! And congrats on the new sports bra and workout pants! I know it feels good getting new, better, smaller stuff! Yay Sid!!!

  4. Thank you Dacia, I know I’m still on a sort of high about the 1.8 pounds!! So far I’m 3 for 3 on the out of town workouts, I have the weekend still to go though, eeekkk. Thanks for the cheer, you’re brighting my morning 🙂

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