July 14, 2011

I’ve been at my parents for two days and I’m happy to share that I got in a 40 minute workout yesterday and a 45 minute work out this am.

I’ve also been doing great with my food choices and portions.  Yesterday at the fair I wasn’t really tempted, I did have a couple bites of cotton candy, love the sweet melty stuff.  Who can eat a whole bag of cotton candy anyway, well my oldest, that’s who.  He did have some help from his cousins, but he eat most of it.  We brought our lunches, genius, all good healthy stuff and tons of fruit!!

I’ve continued to track my calories, very helpful, since my mom loves to push food at me.  Here, try this, oh and this too, she’s so Italian.

Yesterday morning, no less than 3 things stood in the way of getting my workout in.  First, I had to check in at work.  Turned on my laptop and the wireless settings I have saved for my parent’s house wasn’t working.  I ask my mom, she says, “oh ya, we had it changed.”  “So, what’s the new key,” I ask. Mom says, “well look in this folder.”  After reviewing hundreds of little pieces of paper and finding what looked like the new number, which still didn’t get me on, I finally got logged into their router and found she was given the wrong security settings.  An hour into my search, I made the simple change and got my email checked.  Second, I couldn’t get my parents VCR/DVD player to work, finally solved that problem.  Third, by this time my youngest was up and wanted me to hold him.  We finally got him to go to my mom and I got in my workout.  I was so tempted to just give in each step of the way, but I so wanted that workout.  I just kept solving problems and I’m glad I did.

This morning it was more of the same, I think the fat/lazy monster has followed me to my parents house and it doesn’t want me to workout.  My mom wanted me to do Wii Zumba with her.  One thing after another halted her from getting the work out started.  Finally we got moving.  I didn’t get my heart rate up where I’d like it to be for most of my workout, but I tried something new and it was fun.

I still have several days left in my trip, so far I’m doing pretty good.  I still have my in-laws to go (they always have tons of junk in the house) and a birthday party to get through.  Be strong, be strong, be strong…


4 thoughts on “July 14, 2011

  1. Wow!!! I am impresses! You should feel great for pushing forward and putting your health first even when a million obstacles got in your way! Definitely a win for you! Good luck at the in-laws! I am sending positive thoughts and strength vibes your way! I’ll be thinking of you the next few days.
    P.s. I can (or at least could) eat a whole bag of cotton candy. I did so just last year at a hockey game.

  2. I bet you had fun eating that bag, I know my oldest did. I know I’ve done it a few times quite a long time ago, but oh the headache it gives!! I’m sitting here thinking about the types of food my in-laws always have, and then there is the birthday party, it’s going to be tough!! I will cheat, but I hope I don’t completly forget the wagon. Knowing you’re pulling for me helps, so thanks for that!!!

  3. You are amazing! Tracking, and exercising with all of that and while being out of your normal environment is a huge accomplishment! I’m going to have to follow your lead all next week while I’m on vacation with my family. My goal is to at the very least track everything and also get in at least 3 workouts. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. ah, thanks Amy!! I just finished my hardest workout at my in-laws, but now I’m eating 1/2 a Krispy Kreme 🙂 well at least it is just a 1/2
    I think I’ve been getting my workouts in b/c this really hasn’t been a vacation for me. I’ve had to work a little each day and traveling w/o my husband isn’t the easiest thing to do with two little ones. I think you’ve got a good plan for next week and you should be able to relax and enjoy food while you are gone. You know you’ve got a structure that you’ll get right back on when you get back, right? Right!!

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