July 19, 2011

Several thoughts to share today: changes in my garden, a movie night and updates on my weight-loss journey.

My garden is in a transition period, the blooms that are left are far and few between, and there are a ton not quite yet ready to open.  How often do you feel this way?  Do you know that feeling of being at the end of a journey, but you see the next journey right in your path?  I kind of feel that way right now, well more on that later in the post.

We have our favorite baby sitter lined up tonight and we’ll finally see Potter!!!  It’s so much easier to go and leave your kids behind when you know they’ll have a good time.  My oldest is actually looking forward to tonight.  I think we might be one of the last on earth to see HP8, I mean after grossing $475.6 million  worldwide in its first weekend who hasn’t seen it yet but me 🙂

I just past one of the first test in keeping to a weight loss plan, the dreaded time away from home.  I was gone from Tuesday night to Sunday late afternoon and I got in a 40 minute workout each morning I was gone.  I also got in a 40 minute workout yesterday morning, my first morning home!!  I did break from good food choices a few times but they were minimal and in small quantities.  The whole trip left me very empowered.  I now feel confident that with a committed point of view I can stay on plan, pretty cool.

Of course I felt fat many times while I was gone, but when your BMI still has you in the obese section that’s bound to happen.  I just can’t wait for the day when I start to feel like I’m really making progress and start to feel not so big.  I know I need to trust the process and keep going, but this a.m. I had a stumble.  I turned off the alarm clock and slept in two more hours!!  When the alarm originally went off this am I had gotten 7 hours of sleep, but I was still so very exhausted.  I had not felt that tired in some time and took it as a sign.  Luckily my kids also slept in and I got 9 hours of sleep.  I felt rested when I got up (not weak, like when I get too much sleep), which was great.  I’m still hoping to get my work out in today, I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow is scale day.  I’m already getting nervous.  Of course I’m hoping for a loss, but if not I’ll take it for what it is, a chance to learn and make changes and nothing more.  We’ll see tomorrow if I can take my own advice.

I feel like I’ve past the beginning stages of my weight-loss journey.  I’m in it now.  I’m on my way to my fist weight loss goal of 15% of my final goal.  My first hope will be to reach this goal in two weeks, I’ll re-address this thought after my weigh in tomorrow morning.


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