July 22, 2011

Couple of topics today: SYTYCD, a book review, my oldest’s current obsession and a status update on my weight loss journey

Last night on SYTYCD 10 became 8.  I’m not surprised at all that Clarice and Mitchell were cut, but just like Nigel said, it’s not because they are not awesome.  The fact is that they are all pretty spectacular, someone has to go.  Being in the bottom of this group is still an amazing place to be.

I finished Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever yesterday, loved this series!!!!  It was a long book, just shy of 600 pages.  There were spots that were hard to get through, but looking back at it now, I loved it all.  There was surprise after surprise in this series and so many I didn’t see coming.  Karen is very talented at creating a whole new world and I sunk right in.  This book did end the series, but from reading her blog it’s clear she’s spinning 3 more books off in the fever world.  I can’t wait!!!

My oldest (4 years old) has been obsessed with Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for some time.  The cutest thing is that he starts dancing from the inside when he hears the song.  The bass in the beginning of the song is pretty undeniable.  Throughout the day he breaks into the lyrics, sometimes with dance moves and sometimes without.  Lately he likes to sing the song how a dinosaur would sing it.  When he gets on a roll he pretends to be all kinds of different characters singing the song.  The words change, but the rhythm stays the same and it makes me smile every time.  I’m not sure what I like most, car, dog, cat, lion, dinosaur or fire truck Adele.

Now I have to fess up about how I didn’t work out yesterday.  Which is a real bummer because Tuesday I slept in and didn’t work out until the afternoon.  Today I did get up and get back on track.  I’m happy to say that I did stay within my calorie limit yesterday.  These things happen, I’m not sure if my body needed more rest or if I was being lazy.  I’m not going to drive myself nuts over it though.  Today I’m back on track and moving forward.


2 thoughts on “July 22, 2011

  1. Some days your body just needs the rest and some days you just are not motivated but either way don’t beat yourself up. It happens. You are in a groove now and so you were able to get back into it today. You are doing great! Last week I skipped just so I could watch the world cup and I am glad i did. For me I need to make sure I balance out my life and not just exercise, exercise, exercise all the time. I guess everyone had their own struggles but seriously i am always amazed at your determination, perseverance and doing all of this while raising a family! Very impressed!

    Oh, and I love the story of your son singing Adelle. How adorable!

  2. Trying to get in shape while raising to active little boys is not easy. I’m not an early riser and each time I get up around 6am I’m pretty surprised. Although I can occasionally get in a workout later in the day, I certainly can’t count on it!!

    I wish I had gotten a video of the Rolling in the deep performance by all the different animals and vehicles!! I’m hoping for a repeat performance 🙂

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