July 25, 2011

All things are a little shaky right now.  Barely gettings things done around the house, reading too many books at once and I didn’t get up in time over the weekend to get in a workout before the little ones got up.  I feel my control slipping.

Good news: I finally got all the laundry put away last night, which is good since it’s laundry day again.  I did get in workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, while my youngest was napping and I finished two books in the last week.  Which means I’m only reading five books now, ah geesh.

Well three of the five books have not been read in the last week or so and I’ve decided to put away another until I finish a book I started last fall.  It is a book that I waited a whole year to read, but when I started I got so nervous for the characters that I couldn’t read it.  Remember that episode of friends where Joey put the Shining in the freezer, I was so there.  I’m done waiting, I want to know what happens, oh goodness, I’m getting nervous again 🙂

I’m six days into my latest workout week and oh it’s kind of ugly.  Wednesday, Friday and today were great, I got up on time and got in my workout.  I’ve already fessed up that I slept in on Thursday and never did get in my workout…and as stated above Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts were done mid afternoon.  Luckily I’ve been doing well sticking to my calorie limit.  My workout this am was hard going.  I felt lethargic for a good part of the beginning, like I was dragging myself through the workout.  I’m so not a morning person, as soon as I start getting up later, I go to sleep later and everything gets messed up.  I so need to get up and go to bed at the same time every day.  I’m hoping tomorrow goes better!!!

What has me pleased is how quickly I can feel myself getting back on track.  Not too long ago I may have let things slip further out of control, but today I feel myself getting back on track quickly.  “Just do it” is a good motto and of course remembering that everything doesn’t have to get back on track today.  Things take time, just keep pushing forward, any head way is a sign of your forward momentum and that’s pretty cool.


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