July 26, 2011

Two days in a row of morning workouts, I feel back on track.  Amazing how something so small, choosing to get up when the alarm goes off, can be so empowering.  Each day that I choose me and get out of bed is the step forward I need.  It sounds simple, but it is not.  It is very easy to press snooze and go back to sleep, a little too easy.  Of course nothing easy is worth all the effort and wouldn’t make me feel so wonderful when I make the choice and get out of bed.

Keeping my eye on the game is important right now, because tomorrow is scale day.  It takes so much courage to get on that scale each week.  I go through so many different emotions in the 24 hours leading up to the event.  I’m hoping it will get easier over time, but until then I will keep my eye on the journey and trust the process.

Choices and courage, it takes so much to stay on this journey, but I’m staying on no matter what.


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