Somethings going on over at the neighbor’s house

How well do you know your neighbors?  I wish I knew some of mine better, most of them are really nice people.  We keep an eye on each others houses in a very old school way, which is nice, not creepy.  It’s strange to live so close to almost strangers, but live so far away from people you love.

We live on a corner, so the back of our house faces the side of our neighbor’s house.  I’m not a snoop, but my kitchen window has a perfect view of their driveway.  It’s impossible not to watch the happenings while doing dishes.  In Michigan we don’t see a lot of our neighbor’s in the winter time, so spring and summer are a time to catch up.  This spring I started to notice things changing at the neighbor’s, not as much activity and I hardly ever saw the wife/mom.

A few weeks ago I saw the husband/dad in the driveway.  He was playing basketball in shorts and no shirt, his typical outfit the majority of the year (I don’t think the cold bothers him and to be honest his chest is a sight to be seen, I don’t mind).  A lady pulled up, about his age, with big blond hair.  She walked right into his arms, not so strange, and gave him several kisses, strange.  I almost dropped the dish I was holding when he put his hands on her face and kissed her again.

I told my husband what I saw and tried desperately to explain what I had seen.  In the weeks since we noticed that we rarely saw the wife/mom.  I continued to see the blond, but her comings and goings seemed casual.

Yesterday I saw the wife/mom helping their youngest into the house with a laundry basket.  I didn’t recognize the car and I didn’t see if they arrived together or if she was helping him out of a friend’s car.  I also didn’t stick around to see if she got in the car and left.

Last night my husband came inside after putting the garbage out to the street.  He had t-shirts for our two boys from some neighbors who always think of ours boys when they are on vacation, so sweet.  He also brought some gossip regarding our mysterious neighbors.

They separated last year.  Mom moved out with their oldest who just finished her first year of local college.  Dad is keeping the house with their two boys (one is in high school and the other is still in elementary).  I feel terrible.  This past year has brought them so much difficulty, challenge and changes.  I can only imagine what their home was like before the separation.

I now can assume the kissing blond is the new girlfriend and that the mom has a new car and was dropping off her youngest after his visit.  Things make sense now, but my stomach feels sick.  Marriages that fall apart hurt my heart and the fact that their youngest is still so young, makes me so sad for all of them.  I hope they are all communicating better and are still making their kids feel like a priority.

Sometimes when things look different, it’s no big deal, but in this case I’ve watched a very beautiful family get pulled in different directions from my kitchen window.  What’s happening outside your kitchen window?


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