August 1, 2011

three topics today: gardening, tv and an update on my weight loss journey

Today is the first day of August.  Tomatoes are maturing daily, zucchini and cucumbers are going crazy, don’t forget to get the last of your peas and green beans, yummmmm.  In Michigan it’s corn time, wow, local corn is so good this time of year, including the cherries and blueberries.  What’s booming in your area? Find out and go get you some!!!  Don’t forget about your annuals and perennials.  Your flowers need food all summer long.  If you can’t remember the last time you fertilized get out there today and get it done.  Your flowers will thank you by getting fuller and brighter, lovely!!  Also don’t forget about your in-door plants, they need food too.

Have you noticed that most tv shows these days are written with the same format, which is the 5-minute fix?  Most shows I watch take up the first 50 minutes building the story to its climax.  With 10 minutes left they go to commercial and when the show comes back they have 5 minutes.  5 minutes to fix the problem and wrap up everything, including the side line stories.  I’m always amazed at what they can take care of in 5 minutes, simply amazing.  It doesn’t feel rushed and everything is taken care of, I’m hardly ever left thinking: but they didn’t address this or that.  Since most shows follow this format, we the audience must like it, right?  What do we like the most, the character building, the impossible situation or is it the quick fix?  Oh boy, I’m opening a can of worms here.  I’ve often belittled the american society as liking things easy.  Although I do think the belittling can be justified, I think the bigger answer is a little more interesting.  We like the journey, seeing how we got in the mess, feeling like things are impossible and then rejoicing when we’ve over come the obstacle.  If I truly allow myself to enjoy my shows I am usually left with a can do attitude, which is really what I want out of my tv shows, not to mention escapism, excitement and some good entertainment.  Do they shows you watch use the 5-minute fix?

I’m past another summer weekend and another family party.  The bad news, no one has yet to notice my weight loss.  I’m only 5 pounds down, so I guess it’s reasonable that they wouldn’t notice yet, but gosh I can’t wait for that first comment!!!  The good news is that I kept to my calorie limit.  My kids make it easy to stay distracted and away from the food tables.  I did stay away from the snack table, had a reasonable plate of food and the smallest bowl of home-made ice cream, not bad really.  I’m also happy to say it’s been 11 days since I missed a workout.  Although I have not made my morning workout each of those 11 days, I was able to get in an afternoon workout the 3 days that I didn’t get up.  I actually only missed 4 days of workouts in July, not bad, but when my goal was to workout everyday I guess not so good, well three of those misses were in a row early in the month.   I’m renewing my efforts for the month of August.  I need to get up on time and ensure I don’t miss my workouts!!!  I’m doing well with the water intake.  Although I’ve done pretty good with my calorie limit, I think I could make better food choices.  Getting up on time and food choices are my August themes.  I’m hoping all the local produce will help me out.

Happy August everyone!!


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