August 10, 2011

My weight loss journey has taken it’s time to develop.  In the last month I felt another fundamental shift in my journey.  I now feel both feet fully planted in the journey.  This is a happy and cautionary tale.

I started blogging on April 4th, at this time I knew I wanted to make some changes and I was getting up occasionally to workout. At the beginning of May I started working out with some regularity.  My attitude and commitment level started to change.  By the end of May I was starting a new pattern of working out almost everyday.  In early July I had a mini break down, but it allowed me to start some new patterns.  It’s been a month now since my biggest shift, which has included changes in my diet too.

Although I’m still making changes, i.e. drinking even more water everyday, adjusting my workout schedule into seven different workouts (I’ll talk more about this, hopefully tomorrow, lots of thoughts here) and adding more fiber and veggies/less carbs in my diet.  I can feel that I’m shifting into the phase of my journey that is going to get me where I want to go.  Although now that I have a feel for what it’s going to take from me I want the results NOW.  I wrote this was a cautionary tale, right.  I’m so impatient and isn’t that what often gets us to give up: the feeling that we’ll never get there.  Well NOT this time my friends!!!

I’ve decided to do a flip on the defeatist attitude.  First, I’m looking back at the years it took me to get here.  Second, I’m looking at what I’ve accomplished in the last few months.  Finally I’m anticipating what I have to look forward to.  Thank you to commenter Ginger on Amy’s Journey to heath Trying to get my head in the game… with some very wise Weight Watchers advice: give yourself a mental picture of who you want to be.  Simply brilliant!!  I’ve got my mental picture, oh and it’s lovely!!!!  Although I can’t wait, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I CAN get myself there and that it’s going to take far less time than I’ve spent getting to this weight!!!

Today is also scale day.  I did have a little hesitation before getting up for the scale, especially with the little gain I had last week.  To recap, last Wednesday’s scale day did not go well, I had gained, but after spending all day Thursday rehydrating I lowered that gain to just .4 pounds.  Today I was pleasantly surprised I wasn’t so scared to see what the scale had to say.  With good reason, I showed a loss, not a big one, but I’ll take it, I’m down .7  pounds from last Friday.  Which brings my BMI back to what it was two weeks ago 29.2, but it brings my weight to a new low of 159.5 (two weeks ago I weighed in at 159.8).

Tiny changes I’ll take, better than the gain from last week.  I’m still hitting all my goals with gold stars (including working out daily, I can see my waist and muscles changing!!), except one, food choices.  Portion sizes are going pretty well.  It’s the carbs and veggies that are giving me the most troubles.  I refuse to accept that all I’ve changed and done in the last few months will be sidelined by some petty carbs and healthy veggies!!

I haven’t hit my first 15% goal yet and I’m going to get there by continuing my gold star efforts and making better food choices.  I’m trusting the process and I’ve got this lovely mental picture, do you have yours?


4 thoughts on “August 10, 2011

  1. Thanks for the mention! I too have always struggled with carbs, but I wanted to ask where you are from? If it’s very hot your body may be retaining more water than normal and may not be providing you with the loss you are hoping to see. Just don’t give up, you are about to be in the zone! I’m glad the mental image is a good tool for you, it did wonders for me! Thanks again and you are doing great!

    • Hey thanks Ginger, thanks for stopping by and of course you are welcome, you provided such a great tip. It’s strange b/c I see your comments all the time on both Amy’s and Dacia’s blogs, love their blogs and you have a very cool blog too, I need to spend some more time there 🙂

      We live in west Michigan, which like most in the US we have been baking through an unusually hot summer. We are used to a lot of mid to upper 80s in the summer and a handful of 90s, well until the last few days all we’ve been seeing is the 90s. My body is certainly not used to the heat we’ve been getting. My body loves to retain water, I’m certain I trained it well with all my years of not drinking enough water. Interesting I didn’t the know heat could be working against me too. Very interesting Ginger!! Thanks!!

  2. First off; congrats on your loss this week! Yay! Great job! You definitely have a great attitude about everything going on recenty and it shows in your blog. For me, it wasn’t until recently that I
    started posting big weekly losses – it took months to get to comfortable place. Oddly enough at this point I am more happy about what I am doing for my body than the number on the scale. I see this with you too because you are tracking many non-scale goals. Your head is in the right place and I know you will be successful. I am not sure what weight you are working towards but make sure that when you are looking at your losses every week that you look at the percentage lost- not just the number. That’s another good tool!

    • You’re right, my attitude is different, perspective is what I needed and I’m trying to put it to good use. I am past the point where I’ve quite before, but I can tell if I don’t stay vigilant now all my efforts will go to waste and I AM FIGHTING to not let that happen. I think what is making the big difference is paying attention to my body, listening when it tells me it WOULD prefer an apply to a handful of chips, which is making me feel better all around. I’m hoping to make my 15% goal in the next two weeks, we’ll see what happens. I wonder what % I am now…12.6%, not bad (thanks Dacia!!). This journey is already paying off and I’m not even to the final payoff, which is about a handful of pounds under the highest normal BMI number. I can’t imagine what I’ll look like once I get into the bottom of the overweight BMI range, hope I can keep the motivation going to the final goal. I’ll fight that fight when I get there.

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