August 11, 2011

Do you follow a workout schedule?  Do you take classes at a gym or a set space at home?  How many days do you workout?  Are you getting cardio and strength training in each week?  How long do you get your heart rate up during cardio?

So many questions and these are just a few.  Of course your physician and trainers can help you answer these questions, I am no expert.  I’ve been working my way into a pattern to ensure I’m hitting everything, getting rest and not boring my body into a platue.

I found a couple of great articles online.  How Many Times a Week Should You Work Out a Body Part? : When strength training, muscle soreness can occur 24 to 48 hours after exercise  and will decrease after 72 hours, according to ACE. The cause is tiny tears in  muscle and connective tissue. This soreness typically happens after an increase  in exercise intensity.  How Many Times a Week Should You Work Out to Lose Weight? : this article discusses some of the pitfalls, i.e. cutting too many calories and not working out enough.  According to, dieters who reduce their food intake by 400 to 800  calories each day are more likely to regain the weight lost within six months  than those who make modest caloric reductions in addition to increased physical  activity.  This article also recommends taking a picture of yourself each month.  We easily forget where we were and I think this would be another great indicator of progress, along with the scale and measuring.  The last link I’m going to throw into the mix discusses the abs, do you need to rest them or can you hit them everyday?  eHow Health explains it pretty well.  Basically I’m looking at them like all the other muscle groups.  If you’ve worked them enough to the point you are sore the next day, you’ll need at least one day to rest them.  If you don’t work them hard enough to be sore the next day than you can hit them daily.

I workout at home and I have a library to choose from.  I started with just a cycle of 3 workouts, but I’m not finding it as challenging as it once was.  I instantly got worried about stalling my weight-loss.  I took another look at my library and found some workouts that would be very challenging.  I added all the titles to my lovely Excel file, documented the length of the workout and areas of concentration.  Now I’ve created a schedule that has cardio workouts throughout the week, these are workouts that provide concentrated minutes or bursts of working hard and then bringing your heart rate back down.  I have days of rests between workouts that work my leg muscles and my abs are getting worked several times a week.

Paying attention to what you eat and how food makes you feel is very important and that same attitude should be taken to your workouts.  Pay attention to how your body is feeling.  Do you feel great after your workouts?  Are you getting sore during the week, and if you are, don’t forget to allow your body to rest…allow those muscles to rebuild and become better calorie burning machines.

Occasionally change your workout schedule, don’t get into a rut, keep challenging yourself and don’t forget to lap on the praise when you make it through another workout.


4 thoughts on “August 11, 2011

  1. Your posts today and yesterday were both amazing. I can really feel the change in your outlook/mentality and how you are viewing what you need and your body needs to be successful. I love how you took questions that I am sure anybody starting out a new fitness routine (or even someone who has been at it for awhile) really should know the answers to. Unfortunately most people, myself included, dive head first into a new fitness lifestyle so anxious to lose weight or meet fitness goals that they tend to ignore their bodies signals to slow down and end up injured. it is great that you tell your readers to let their body decide what it’s ready for- not the mind. It’s a really, really important lesson. Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Isn’t it amazing how much our bodies have always tried to tell us and we simply were not listening, so interesting!!! I got so little sleep Wed night and was still a bit sore from my Wed am workout that I decided to sleep in this am. Now I feel rested, my muscles feel happy and I will get in my workout after I put my littlest one down for a nap. My oldest now knows mommy likes to workout and deals with it great. Good patterns forming good habbits, me likey 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by, I love it when you find the time to fit my blog in!!!!

  2. You should know that I always read your blog, usually on my iPhone at work, but I typically have to come back to it a second time, later while at home or on my lunch break, to comment. Your are one of my favorite bloggers- I make time for you 🙂

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