August 30, 2011

An observation and a teaser trailer…

I saw many friends and family this past weekend and since I’ve lost 10 pounds since I’ve seen most of them (6% of my starting body weight, which is a whole pant size and a half for me), I was expecting some comments.  I was feeling really good leading up to the event I was hosting.  I was wearing a shirt I’ve never been able to wear, my pants were loose, but I felt good and I think I looked better than I have in some time.  Not one comment, not a one.  Not a, have you lost weight, not a, you look good…nothing.  To be honest, save for my husband and mom, who both know I’m working hard to lose weight, no one has mentioned my weight loss.  Now sure maybe they’ll start to say something when I reach 20 or 3o pounds down, but I feel so different now, how can no one notice.  I almost started to feel sad, but you know, it’s now about someone else noticing, it’s about how I feel about me.  I didn’t start this journey so that others would look at me and comment.  I started this journey to feel better about my health, my body and about me.  The journey is not about anybody else but ME.  I feel better, I like my efforts, I’m happy and in this process that is really the heart of it all.  I reminded myself of my real goals this weekend, it felt like a test and I think I passed!!  Have you reminded yourself of your goals recently?

I know I’m no longer an active participant of the Mtv audience, but how could it possibly take me two days to watch the Hunger Games Teaser Trailer, OMG, you’ve got to watch.  I’m still uneasy that they’ll get the movie in the ball park of what I’d like to see.  But it is hard not to get excited about the Teaser.

4 thoughts on “August 30, 2011

  1. Yeah Sidney! I’m so happy that you see that the weight loss is for you. I think you are doing wonderful and your mind-set is in the right place. Stay true to yourself girl.
    ~ Gina

  2. Hang in there Sid! I am just around my 20% loss of my starting weight and people are just now (only a few) saying they can tell I am losing weight. It was definitely hard going home, 50 pounds lighter than the last time my family saw me, and no one saying anything. Hang in there because soon enough people will start to notice! Oh, and that trailer was a little too much of a tease! I want more!!!! Lol!

  3. That’s crazy that folks don’t notice a 50 pound weight loss, but it does prove that no one cares as much about our weight as we do

    Teaser trailers, like this one, are the worst, I only want more and we’ve got a long weight!!! urrggg 🙂

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