August 31, 2011

The last day of August, wow, summer is going too fast!!  Tomorrow I’m going to post a bit about my garden, it’s a great time of year as fall blooms begin to show their colors.  Today I need to write about my weight loss journey.

Today is a scale day for me.  I’ll start by admitting I had a bad week for tracking my water intake and counting calories.  I don’t want to give excuses, but I’ll just say that on Sunday I hosted a 33 person birthday party for both of my boys and it was a lot of work.  Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean that my goals are thrown out the window!!  I mean how long does it take to document some calories and 5 (16 oz) glasses of water!!!  Well, I guess I need to work harder in keeping to my goals the next time I am crazy busy.  I did not skip a workout during the last week, in fact in the last 7-days I got in 330 minutes of exercise, not bad.  I do believe I got in 64 oz of water almost every day in the past week and I did at least try to count my calories.  I had a very tiny piece of cake on Sunday and skipped almost all of the icing.  But since I was not tracking my calories I fear I truly blew my limit.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t have a real hard time getting on the scale this am.  I knew a gain was likely but not the end of the world.  In the end I found out I did in fact gain .4 pounds.  I’ve started a pretty strange pattern, 3-weeks of losses and 1-week of gain.  It’s even stranger that 3-weeks ago I gained .4 pounds.  I wont say that it’s a curse, because I’m pretty superstitious and a thought like that could really mess with my head.  I’ve added a page on the blog that has my goals, I figure easy access to this list can only be a good thing.  I’ve also changed some things in my blog’s appearance, my heart feels a little lighter these days, as is my outlook and I felt my blog should reflect the change.  I hope you like.

In the end I’m reminded that this journey should not be taken for granted.  Every step in my list of goals is important, non of them can be forgotten or pushed aside.  What works is the combination of all the goals put together.  It’s a team effort.  I’m also reminded this week that you can get off track, that doesn’t really matter in the end, what matters is that you get back up.  This week I’ll renew my commitment and get back on track.  So far I’m doing pretty good, this morning I completed my hardest workout, I’ve already had breakfast and I’ve had 24 oz of water already, not bad.  Now onto the rest of my day and some good food choices.

2 thoughts on “August 31, 2011

  1. Great post!!! I whole-heartedly agree it is a team effort. It’s not just eating right, it diet and exercise and rest and hydration, etc. Given the circumstances you still had a great week. Anything less than a pound doesn’t count as a gain! Maybe you do have a cycle- I had that same cycle for like four months in a row. But as long as you are losing more than you gain it’s ok. Strike that. As long ad you feel good about yourself and your progress you are doing great!

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