September 2, 2011

Well, after not losing weight this week you’d think I’d be more careful with my calories.  Yesterday was a total bomb.

All was going well, my water intake was great, then the afternoon hit and I was so hungry.  Yes, I’d say a 5 on the hunger scale.  I drank a class of water and had a couple of nuts.  I did my grocery shopping and I was pretty good at the store, it could have been really bad too.  The trip gave me another sign that I have been changing my eating habits, because I had one craving in the store and since I was hungry I indulged.  So what did I get, was it some candy, no, was it cheese popcorn, no, it was veggie chips.  I had to laugh, because when I got home I ripped open the package and had two chips, man did they hit the spot.  The result was very different from what would have happened four months ago.  unfortunately I was still hungry.  While unpacking the food I accidentally ripped open a banana, so I made a drink with it (milk, banana, little sugar, little cocoa and coffee), which is less than 3o0 calories, not bad, again it could have been so much worse.

The problem was that I now had enough calories left for a little dinner, which is normally fine.  Last night I had dinner plans at the best Asian restaurant in town, their fish tacos are amazing.  How could I not enjoy, husband and I hardly ever get a date night.  Again it could have been a lot worse, we didn’t even have time for coffee.  I love me some espresso, which would be fine, but I like mine with milk and chocolate, oh yes, the mocha, yummmm, I do usually go for the tall, skim and no whip though.  We did make it out to the best brewery in Michigan, Bells where a couple of local bands got together (all good friends of my rocker husband- in fact one of the guitar players is my youngest’s godfather and we are god parents to their oldest) to play the whole of Abby Rd.  The show rocked and of course I indulged in one beer.

I blew past my calorie count yesterday, by more than 700 calories, it could have been a lot worse.  I didn’t complete let go, but I did indulge, which is ok as long as I don’t make it a pattern and I get right back on track today.  Yes I have had breakfast, I’m on my 2nd 16-oz glass of water and I’ve had two aleve, because I’m older now, rocking out, staying up late and having one beer does me in 🙂

I did sleep in this morning.  I will get in a work out this afternoon, already have it scheduled with the family.  I got to thinking, it has been 14 days since I missed a morning workout.  I was tired yesterday morning during my workout, I didn’t have the best workout, which made me sad.  I remember a couple of weeks ago I slept in a few mornings and I felt rejuvenated once I got back into the morning workout routine.  I’m hoping the restful morning will help me to have a good workout this afternoon.  I also have been thinking for some time that I need to spend time everyday stretching, more than what my workouts cool down provides.  My muscles are starting to feel tight, a sign of strain and over work I think.  Starting today I’m making a daily goal to stretch and I’ve added it to my goals page, I like that page!!

So in summary, I’ve gotten off track and my muscles are tight and tired.  Today I will get back to my calorie limit and all my goals, including the new stretch goal.  I’ll continue to listen to my body, indulge occasionally and then get back on track and move forward reaching for my goal, a healthy me.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!!!


5 thoughts on “September 2, 2011

  1. It’s OK to get off track now and again. Sometimes, it’s good for the soul. I say it’s more important to stay strong for the long haul, and not worry about the little hiccups along the way. Sounds like you’ve got a good fix on it. And happy weekend to you as well!

  2. Watch the Bell’s Brew- it is packed with calories given the generous malt (and alcohol!) content. There will be time to make up for any holiday weekend indiscretion. You are obviously a very capable, intelligent individual as evidenced by your blog. Hang in there, get off your back and press on. Remember pain is the touchstone of growth.


    • You know you can totally tell Bells must have a lot of calories. I’ll admit I’m normally a lite brew drinker and not much at that, but beer is always my first choice. Yes, I am my father’s daughter, but luckily I know how to say when. I am happy to report that I enjoyed my Bells, I think it is the first I ever enjojed. Back in college it was very hard for me to drink Bells, for me, it was almost like taking a whiskey neat, which, for me, would be very hard to take.
      Thanks for the support Al, you are totally right, I should get off my back and me an intelligent individual, ah shucks 🙂

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