September 7, 2011

Big day in my household, not only did my oldest get on a school bus and ride to school for the very first time, it is also my husband’s 39th Birthday and for me, it is scale day, oh boy!!!

Man am I proud of my son!!  Just yesterday he was saying he didn’t want to go to school.  Maybe my pep talk and incentives played a part in his change in attitude, but in the end he had to choose to have a good day and enjoy his adventure.  Yes, I’m taking my son’s example and moving forward in my journey.  If he can get on the bus and concur his fear, than I can too!!!

Scale day.  After last weeks disappointment (+0.4 pounds) I was hoping for at least some kind of loss.  I continued in my daily workouts, got in all the planned water, even added in the extra stretching almost every night.  I have to get side tracked here and tell you how happy I am that I added the extra stretching.  I’m not sure if it was the afternoon workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, which means I got in more sleep both those mornings, or if it was the stretching.  Regardless, I feel a ton better than I did last week and my hip joints are happy too, thank goodness!!!  Anyways, back to scale day.  I definitely did better on the calories this week.  I listened to the hunger scale, but I could have made better food choices and there were at least a few days I went a little over (at least 14% over) my calorie limit.  I was concerned and a little anxious this morning, but mainly I just wanted to know what it had to say so that I could move forward and do ever better this week.  I am happy to report I lost 3.1 pounds this week!!!  What, wait, yes, that’s right!!!  3.1 pounds!!!  Now before I get too excited, I think this means I was holding some water weight last week.  If I add my change in weight to last week it means I’ve lost 1.35 pounds per week, which has been kind of my norm, so I’m back on track.  The good news does not stop there.  I’m more than 30% of the way to my final goal, which is a new milestone for me.  Plus my BMI is down .5 from two weeks ago and 2.2 from my starting number!!!  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!  What did I do to celebrate…my hardest workout of the week.  I didn’t plan on doing the hardest workout on scale day, but it sure has been nice.  No mater if I lose or gain, a good hard workout feels great after facing the scale.  Trust the process and keep moving forward.  Forward on to another week of actively reaching for my goals, gotta love it!!!

Finally, to my husband.  There is a place I got where it is safe to be myself.  There is a place I go where laughter and tears flow freely.  There is a place I go where truth is spoken and dreams are shared.  It is a place of acceptance, understanding and honesty.  I’m thankful, that with you, I’m always there.  I love You.  Happy Birthday!! Now you are officially older than me 🙂


4 thoughts on “September 7, 2011

  1. What a day for you. I can imagine it’s bitter-sweet to watch your child go off to school. Love the quote too. Wish your husband a happy birthday for me. Hope you have a lovely, busy day. 🙂
    Lots of love,

  2. It is sweet to watch him go off to school. I know school can be a lot of fun, but I know he’s going to come across some challenges. I’m praying for a good year!! The quote is a good one, makes me cry everytime!!! Made my husband cry too 🙂

  3. Man, what a week for the whole Simply Sidney family!!! I am so happy your son happily survived his first day of school and riding the school bus! Happy birthday to the huz! How did you guys celebrate? Also, major big congratulations on your loss this week! Yay! 3.1 is amazing! You are losing at a great, and safe, pace which is a very good thing. Glad you are benefiting from the stretching!

  4. My son now has 3 days of school under his belt and so far it’s going really well, my fingers are crossed!! I attended a meeting last night with the teacher, in the classroom, with the other parents. Keep in mind that my son is in young fives (pre-kindergarten, i.e. not preschool but not kindergarten), the Teacher said that she didn’t believe in homework for young fivers. Like I needed another reason to like her 🙂 then she went on to say that her job is to teach our kids and our job is to make sure they play and have fun outside of school. She said that her main goal for the year is to build our kids confidence and to help them enjoy learning. Teachers are the best!!

    The huz took the night off of work. I made his favorite for dinner the night before, so he could have the leftovers for lunch and we got take out from his fav for dinner. Other than the food, oh and I always get him a small bag of peanut butter cups (thank goodness he has no problems eating them all quickly!!!), we just had a regular family filled day, the best kind.

    I’m so glad I lost this week, I still would have buggered on if I had not, but it certainly is nice when you have a loss!! I’m starting to figure out a few things about food and me. Little patterns that help me not to get off track. I think I’m going to have to blog about it 🙂

    so glad you are feeling better and I hope Nia feels really good tonight!!

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