Random thoughts Monday

In an attempt to clear my head for a new week I’m going to try out a new weekly posting, called “Random thoughts Monday.”  We’ll see how it goes.

  • A normal Gambling man: in talking with one of my husband’s clients yesterday, who had just gotten back from winning over $100 at a poker tournament, I got to thinking.  Are there men out there who go to poker tournaments 5-days a week?  Men who consistently make $100 or more a day and bring it all home to a family?  I know my husband, who is a musician, makes almost all his money playing gigs.  Gigs where he rarely drinks, doesn’t do drugs and his paycheck is automatically deposited.  He’s such a normal guy, but most would never guess that (unless they had met him once) and would assume he’s the stereo-type for a rock-n-roll musician.  So are there family men out there who actually support their family via poker?
  • Organization Intervention: how did I ever get anything done when I worked 50-60 hours a week in an office.  Some how I did, but not now.  Sure I still work part-time (all these hours are at home, telecommuting is the best invention!!) and I’m taking care of two kids, but it’s so hard for me to keep the house clean, get the laundry done, food on the table/keep food in the house and the zillion of other things you do each week to keep a house moving.  But I have a to do list that grows and never lengthens.  I’m a certified project manager (PMP) and proud of it, you’d think I’d be able to use some of my skills and get moving on my list.  But no, it never happens.  Well PMP, it’s time to get to work.  First things first, lets get all the special to-dos (i.e. things that are not normally done daily/weekly) onto one list.  That’s it, just make a list…see you next week.
  • When’s the book going to be done?: hmmm, I remember my original plan which had my books first draft getting finished in June 2011.  Well I’m sure fitting into the stereo-typical author profile, I barely wrote this summer.  Maybe 2,000 words all summer.  I’m happy to report I got over 1,000 words down today and tomorrow I’m going to write some more.  I need to get back into the habbit of working on my book and come up with a daily or weekly goal that puts me on the right path to getting all my first thoughts down.  I need them out of head!!!  Do you have a side goal or hobby that you have not worked on lately?
  • Remembering 9/11: it’s always hard to think of all those that were lost ten years ago, but yesterday’s memorials were especially moving.  It is comforting to know they will never be forgotten and we will always come together to remember them.  Did you think yesterday where you were ten years ago?  I was at the dentist.  Having no cavities would have filled my day with joy, but that was forgotten, as my heart cried for all those living in H E double hockey sticks.  I thought of you yesterday and today and in all my years to come.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts Monday

  1. Gambling: I’m sure that there are professional gamblers/card players out there. Are they family men? Dunno. Maybe there’s a story in there somewhere. I got dibs!

    A side goal: I have my own book I have not worked on lately. There’s just always too much to do.

    • Yes, you’d be the perfect writer to find out if there really are gambling family men, please do 🙂

      Well you my friend for sure need to get a book out there!!! There’s an author (who has a real non-writing job) I follow and she’s always talking about her daily word count, she sets daily/weekly goals…she works her goals with the following site: http://aroundofwordsin80days.wordpress.com/about/ I’m thinking about joining the mix, we’ll see, you should think about it!!

  2. I have no idea if there are professional poker player straight-laced family men but my guess probably.

    As far as organization goes my only tip is make sure to put yourself first. Take care of you and only then can you take care of others.

    I remember you discussing your book early on in your blog. Did you ever say what type of book you are writing? If I can help in any way let me know 🙂

    • The ratio of good poker dads and bad is probably pretty drastic, but who knows, not me

      Taking care of yourself, I’m kind of starting to figure that one out 🙂

      All my life I’ve day dreamed in book plots. Finally this past spring I started to type out my latest idea, thinking I’d get maybe a few hundreds words, I’m currently over 42,000. To make it even better, I like what I’ve written. Now I make notes when I day dream a new plot. Mostly my ideas are modern mystery romance tales, I like to escape when I read and when I write. I do have a couple paranormal tales I’ve jotted notes for. Who knows, maybe I’ll only ever be self published, but one way or another I’m going to get my stuff out there. It will be some time yet, since I haven’t even gotten one book fully written, then the re-writes and editing…

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