Scale Day etc. v11

Hard to believe I’m starting my 11th week on this journey.  Of course my efforts started slow back in February, March and April of this year.  Back then I certainly wouldn’t have put any money on me still being on my way to being healthy and fit.  Today, I think I would.  I still have many, many weeks to go, but I think I’m a pretty safe bet now.

Today I have a few things to discuss.  It’s Wednesday so I have to talk about the scale.  Yesterday I joined Twitter, see my tweets on the right and follow me please :).  I had a good reason to join and I’ll talk about that below as well along with an exciting Twilight treat.

After last week’s loss of 3.1 pounds, a great week of work outs and doing really well in food choices I was very optimistic.  I did lose but it was only .1 pounds.  Well, at least I didn’t gain or stay completely the same.  What happened here?  I’ve looked back at my documentation.  I’ve worked out 27 days in a row.  I’ve recently adjusted my workout schedule and it’s still kicking my butt.  I did great on water in take this week.  I’ve looked at the average calories for the weeks when I did lose weight and this week was right in there.  Everything looks good, so why not a loss?  Maybe I did lose but I gained muscle?  Maybe.  Next week I’m scheduled to measure so we’ll see.  The only area for improvement is still in the fruits/veggies arena.  My challenge this week, while keeping up all my good habits, will be to, per recommendations from My Plate, fill 1/2 my plate with fruits and veggies.  ThiryThreeandCounting brought a fun challenge to my attention the other day, #7DayChip, which lead me to joining twitter, which has been fun.  Lots of support and good information on Twitter, who knew.  I’ll let you know if I get that chip next Wednesday.

A few minutes into my Twitter life paid off quick when I found out that the Twilight- Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer would be premiering in just a few hours.  It’s so fun, so exciting, if you like Twilight you’ve got to check this out!!!


2 thoughts on “Scale Day etc. v11

  1. That was the first time I saw that trailer. So much better than the trailer for Hunger Games. Lol! I am excited for this movie although i wonder how much of the book they will leave out because it’s too graphic. Does your husband watch those movies with you?

    As far as your loss goes don’t worry about it. I think you are gaining muscle and I also think that sometimes no matter how hard we work or well we eat we won’t lose. It’s life. You have the routine down and are making good decisions – you road will lead to success. You are already there.

  2. It certainly will be interesting to see how they protray some scenes!! I drag my husband to see them, but he comes pretty willingly, he’s a good guy 🙂

    Yeah muscle, rah!! 🙂 I certainly would like to see the number go down!! Well maybe next week. Thanks a ton for the support!!!

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