Fall TV 2011

Oh boy, tv is coming back in a big way.  The schedule is packed full of so much fun, mystery, paranormal, action and some laughs too.  Below I’ve listed the shows I’m most excited to see along with a ton of links.  If you haven’t already, this weekend is your last chance to clean up your DVR and get all the new shows set to record.  Of course there will be some stragglers that wont start until October and there are some really good-looking mid-season replacements to keep an eye on.

I’m afraid my list of shows to watch is really too long.  I’m going to have to make some cuts, I only hope the shows I love stay on the air.  And the comedies, there are so many, I’m not sure where to start, I have a list below for those too.  Ok, lets dive in.


  • Once Upon a time: ABC 8pm (October 23rd)
    • A fairytale with some twists, how awesomely cool, but why do we have to wait until the end of October!!
    • Premise: And they all lived happily ever after – or so everyone was led to believe. Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She’s a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who’s been on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. But when the son she gave up years ago finds her, everything starts to change. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma’s help. He believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world and is Snow White and Prince Charming’s missing daughter. According to his book of fairytales, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen’s curse, which trapped the fairytale world forever, frozen in time, and brought them into our modern world. Of course Emma doesn’t believe a word, but when she brings Henry back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town
  • Pan Am: ABC 10pm (September 25th)
    • We have another week to wait for this one, but it looks worth it
    • Premise: Welcome to 1963: a time when only a lucky few could take flight,   experience a global adventure or gain a front-row seat to history. Those   lucky few flew Pan Am, the largest, most prestigious airline in the   world. More than Coca-Cola, Elvis Presley or the transistor, Pan Am   exported American culture to the world abroad and brought that world   back to American shores


  • Castle: ABC 10pm (September 19th)
  • Hawaii Five-O: CBS 10pm (September 19th)
  • Playboy Club: NBC 10pm (September 19th)
    • I’m surprised too that I want to check this show out.  I’m not a fan of Eddie Cibrian, but I watched the preview and it looked kind of good.  I’ll watch at least the pilot.
    • Premise: In Chicago in the early 1960s, a young woman seeking adventure as a Bunny in the glamorous world of the Playboy Club quickly finds herself in over her head.
  • Terra Nova: Fox 8pm (September 26th)
    • We’ve got another week to wait for this one, but goodness I can’t wait. Not only is Steven Spielberg one of the executive producers, but it stars Jason O’Mara!!!
    • Premise: an epic family adventure 85 million years in the making.  TERRA NOVA follows an ordinary family on an incredible journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a small part of a daring experiment to save the human race. In the year 2149, the world is dying. The planet is overdeveloped and overcrowded, with the majority of plant and animal life extinct. The future of mankind is in jeopardy, and its only hope for survival is in the distant past


  • New Girl: Fox 9pm (September 20th)
    • Watch the pilot on Hulu now!! I did and it was funny
  • Body of Proof: ABC 10pm (September 20th)
  • Unforgettable: CBS 10pm (September 20th)
    • I know CBS didn’t need another cop show, but they do them so well and I really like the premise on this one!!  The previews look pretty cool.
    • Premise: Carrie Wells remembers every day, every hour, every second of her entire life… except for the day her sister was murdered.
  • Ringer: CW 9pm (started September 13th)
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, yahoo!!  Almost enough said 🙂 I hear there is a lot going on in the pilot, almost like they could have taken several weeks or months to tell us what they packed into the pilot.
    • Although this show already premiered, I have yet to see it since my cable doesn’t air the CW.  I watch the CW exclusively on-line, which usually occurs by the 3rd night, so hopefully tonight it will happen.
    • Premise: Sarah stars as a woman who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run, hiding out by assuming the life of her wealthy identical twin sister – only to learn that her sister’s seemingly idyllic life is just as complicated and dangerous as the one she’s trying to leave behind.


  • Persons of Interest: CBS 9pm (September 21st)
    • This is the show I am most excited about, it’s from Executive Producers J.J. Abrams, that’s really enough said!!  If you haven’t yet seen a preview for this show you’ve got to, right now!!!
    • Premise: Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson in a crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent, Reese, who teams up with a mysterious billionaire, Finch, to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice.


  • Charlies Angels: ABC 8pm (September 22nd)
    • I’m actually the least excited about this show, but have to check it out.  Don’t think you need me to give you the premise, the name says it all by now.
  • Prime Suspect: NBC 10pm (September 22nd)
    • Maria Bello stars, love her!!
    • Premise:  it takes a look inside a New York City homicide department. Maria stars as a tough-as-nails NYPD homicide Detective Jane Timoney, an outsider who has just transferred to a new squad where her new colleagues already dislike her. Jane is confident and focused – and also rude, abrupt and occasionally reckless. She has her vices, and rumors of a questionable past follow her everywhere – but at the end of the day, she’s an instinctively brilliant cop who can’t be distracted from the only important thing: the prime suspect.
  • Vampire Diaries: CW 8pm (started September 15th)
  • The Secret Circle: CW 9pm (September 16th)
    • I shouldn’t be surprised, but yes I am, I’m going to at least watch the pilot and then we’ll see.  It stars Britt Robertson from “Life Unexpected,” gosh she’s cute!!  The premise doesn’t really clue you in, but I will, this show is about young pretty witches.
    • Premise: Cassie Blake is a normal, happy teenager, leading an everyday life with her devoted single mom, Amelia. But when her mother dies in what Cassie thinks is a tragic, accidental fire, her world is turned upside down. Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington – where the residents seem to know more about her than she knows about herself.


  • A Gifted Man: CBS 8pm (September 23rd)
    • Not only does this show star Patrick Wilson, but it also stars Jennifer Ehle (from BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, the one with Colin Firth, swoon!!)
    • Premise: When a well-known surgeon begins seeing his dead ex-wife he starts questioning the meaning of life and his place in the world
  • Blue Bloods: CBS 10pm (September 23rd)
  • Chuck: NBC 8pm (October 21st)
    • For the past couple years I’ve tried to stop watching Chuck, but it keeps pulling me back in.  This year the show doesn’t start back up until late October.  It will be interesting to see how satisfied I am with all the shows I will already have been watching for several weeks.  I wonder if I’ll watch this year???
  • Grimm: NBC 9pm (October 21st)
    • Along with “Persons of Interest”, I’m really looking forward to this new show!!!
    • Premise:  inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli, “Turn The Beat Around”) discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms,” charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.
  • Fringe: Fox 9pm (September 23rd)

For even more shows and mid-season show previews check out the fall preview pages:

ABC : I’m contemplating giving “Last Man Standing,” “Man Up,” and Suburgatory” a chance, we’ll see…midseason highlights: Apartment 23, GCB, Missing and Scandal

NBC : midseason highlights: include Alive, The Firm and Smash



And don’t forget about SNL and the Daily Show and and … am I ever going to get anything done again.  My goal with tv, is to enjoy and escape, it shouldn’t feel like a 2nd job or keep you from the more important things in life, i.e. a good book (there are so many!!), family and your life.  Wish me luck on cutting my list down.  Happy hunting to you too.


4 thoughts on “Fall TV 2011

  1. I’m looking forward to see what Once upon a time and New Girl is about. I’m not to much of a TV show watcher but these looking very interesting.

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