Scale Day v12.0

I wish I could tell you that I was not nervous for my scheduled date with the scale this morning.  I was a bit terrified actually.  No the result wasn’t going to halt any efforts, if anything a gain or non-loss would get me to work harder.  But I am already working hard and I so badly wanted a loss this week.  My nerves were caused by my pattern over the last three weeks, +0.4 > – 3.1 > -0.1.  I had really no idea what the scale would say, I hate not knowing!!!

Today is not only scale day, it is also measurement day.  Before going to bed last night I did a few measurements, was hoping for some good news and boy did I find some!!!  I lost a 1/2 inch on my hips and just over 1 1/2 inches on my waist!!!  I did finally start losing at the bust line, 1/2 and inch, oh well, it was bound to happen.  Since the beginning (June) I’ve lost just over 3 1/2 inches on my waist, 2 1/2 on my hips and  1 1/2 inches on my thighs!!!

The measurements certainly helped my nerves but I was still a bit of a wreck to pull out the scale.  I did get up on time this morning and got right to business.  I lost!!!  1.8 pounds, I was so relieved, that brings my 4 weeks loss to 4.6 pounds, not where I had wanted it, but still pretty awesome.  My overall loss is now 13.9 pounds, my total weight is 151.2 and BMI is 27.7.  After I lose 3.6 more pounds I will reach my 1/2 point to my final goal, which is exciting.  I can’t wait to be in the 2nd half of this journey.  Next week I hope to be under 150, which was what I weighed when I got pregnant with my first son.  Getting under that first pregnancy weight is such a huge milestone for me, I want it real bad.

Last week I made my first attempt at a #7DayChip and I was unsuccessful.  Since I’ve been making good food/portion choices for a while, my challenge was to fill 1/2 my plate with fruits and veggies.  I did well at first and then I didn’t.  I’m trying again this week.  After shopping yesterday my fridge is stocked a little better to help me reach this goal.

One last thought I wanted to share.  Now that I’m drinking water regularly and more than ever before, I find I get dehydrated easier.  It does make sense that if you are not retaining water and you eat a little saltier or drink a little slower that you will get dehydrated easier.  I’m now more conscious of my salt intake and the pace at which I drink water.  I’m listening a little closer to my body’s clues, because they are there, screaming at me.  All you have to do is listen AND act.


14 thoughts on “Scale Day v12.0

  1. Half a plate of fruits and veggies is a great challenge. I am pretty much obsessed with eating fresh, raw fruits and veggies but I always make sure I have frozen veggies and fruits just in case. Sometimes I find that my fresh stuff doesn’t make it to the end of the week and so I need to have a backup plan in place.

    Congrats on the loss in pounds and inches! I hope you too can make it below 150 soon because I know how great that will make you feel! Funny how both of us are getting towards are halfway mark. You know I will be ziplining soon. What will your reward be?

  2. I’m so close to being under 150, I can feel it. I just wish my weight loss would be consistent, I mean at least one pound each week. Well, I’m sticking to my goals and if not next week then the week after for sure!!! Reward, to be honest I had not thought of one, I’ll start thinking…

    • Not sure if this is true or not but I have heard before that women have problems losing consistently. We are more likely to lose big, lose small, etc. I like to think this is true because I too don’t lose equally/consistently even if I do and eat the same things. It’s so weird. Oh, well. I have faith you will be there soon enough. Oh, and I definitely think you need a reward. You need to celebrate these successes!

      • I wish it weren’t true, but it probably is. Our bodies change so much in 4 weeks it only makes sense. Well maybe over the next few months I can find a pattern. Reward, I’m still thinking on that one. At some point in the next month I’m going to need to go shopping, my bras no longer fit that great and I only have one pair of jeans that doesn’t slip on my hips. I hate constantly pulling up my pants 🙂

    • thanks Kim!! It is difficult to lose weight, trusting the process and sticking to it for almost a year…it’s hard. Oh goodness I’m not even 3 months in. Keep trusting, keep pushing, keep listening…

  3. Congrats on the weight loss accomplishments and good luck with the rest of the journey. It’s hard isn’t it? But so worth it. Interesting what you have to say about water. I actually love drinking (good) water, more than most other beverages so it’s never been hard for me to stay hydrated. I admire your efforts! You go girl. So nice to reconnect again. I need to add you to my google reader, will do that now.

    Hugs, G

    Glad you like the earrings!

  4. Thanks Geraldine!! It is hard!! In the beginning, after I firmly decided to make the change, it was easy to get motivated. Now that my body is showing signs of improvement you’d think I’d be just as motivated, if not more. Now it seems if I don’t keep my thoughts on that finish line I’m finding my mind playing mean tricks on my motivation. Not cool!! I love drinking water too, always have, but I think I like it more now than ever!! It is nice to reconnect, love my earrings so much, I’ve been looking at she has such cute stuff!! Thanks for introducing me to her designs!!

  5. PS: Stacy is always adding new earrings to her shop, definitely worth a browse. I usually stop by at least once a month. I hope you’ll stop in over at my blogs again soon and I’ll be coming to visit here. Don’t be a stranger! 😉

  6. That’s great. Just keep with it. It’s hard work, and takes time. All these shows like The Biggest Loser really do a disservice to people. Although they may be inspiring, they tend to make people think there is a quick fix. There really is no shortcut. To make it last, it simply takes a lot of time and hard work. But it sounds like you’re doing great!

  7. It takes so long, at least it is a shorter period that what it took to put it all on 🙂 but so much effort and for so long a time, urrgggg
    There is absolutely no short cut, it’s simple: eat well, workout, repeat day after day after day until all the weight is gone. On the bright side I’m already seeing a positive return on my investment
    Thanks for the encouragement!!! I need it!! 🙂

    • Thanks Jen!! I probably could put it off a little longer, kind of like how loose my clothing is, it’s been so long since anything has been loose!! But it’s been even longer since I’ve bought a SMALLER size!! I’m not going to buy too much though, I don’t plan to stay in this size but for the next few months 🙂

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