Random Thoughts Monday v4.0

October has begun and fall is most definitely here.  We’ve entered that last 3 months of 2o11.  What are we going to do with these last three months?  I’m certainly not going to start thinking about next year’s New Years resolutions, I’m still working on this years.

Here I go, the 4th weekly random thoughts…

  • eBooks, the good, the amazing and the ugly:
    • The good: I love ebooks, being able to search, download and start reading in just a few minutes has my book lovin heart still giddy.
    • The amazing: Even better yet is the entrance of the self published authors.  The publishing houses of ole, man you’ve really got to wonder how many great books we never knew about because they passed on them.  Sure some self published works are not so good (some of them need editors pretty badly) and many are much shorter than 300 pages, but there is a lot of really great stuff out there.  Not to mention there are so many self published authors making any where from $500 to $1,000 ro more a month selling their own books, not bad!! Makes a girl like me wonder what will become of my own first book, when it is done…
    • The ugly: just like the early days of iTunes had its Napsters and all the stolen music, now with ebooks pirate sites are popping up constantly.  These cruel sites offer you a place to steal a book.  Sure there are some authors out there that wont miss some of their royalties, but what about the many authors who need the money from every sale.  I’ve read authors can see these pirate sites as a reason to stop publishing their work, is it’s their only way to stop the stealing, not to mention they can not support their family if pirate sites are allowed to continue.  Sure they’d still write but we, the masses, would never know what happens to some of our most beloved characters.  Urrrggg!!!! Down with the pirates and thieves!!!
  • Long term storage, useful or waste of space?
    • 1/4 of my basement is pure storage.  Every free nook of free space has been filled with something.  Some containers hold things we get to a few times a year: Holiday supplies and party supplies etc.  Some shelves hold items bought in bulk, paper towel, toilet paper, cereal, juice, crackers etc.
    • What about the things you are storing that you will never use again, in fact we may only look at a few times in a decade.  Mementos from our childhood, my wedding dress, etc. Ok these hold so much sentimental value I just can’t get rid of them.  At least my childhood memories are now in one bankers box and not filling a whole trunk.  But the books you’ll never read again and the recipe books that you have never found anything in or…
    • Finally I think about the boxes and bins I have holding old clothes that someday I hope to fit into again.  I had actually forgotten how much stuff I’ve saved.  Just last winter I was thinking I should get rid of it all, since it didn’t look like the weight was every going to come off.  Well I’ve written here just recently that I need to go clothes shopping, well I did, in my basement.  So glad I kept all that stuff, see more on this in the next bullet.
    • Lots of stuff we store comes to good use, but what about the stuff that we don’t need to hold onto.  Why do we need to keep it?  Why do we hold onto material things the same way we hold onto past failures.  Let it go and learn from it, it’s time to move on.
  • Clothing size charts
    • Hot button issue for many women for sure!!!  In fact a huge part of my original goal was in part to be once again a certain size.  One of the reasons I’ve waited to buy new clothes was because according to size charts from my usual haunts I do not yet fit in the next size down.
    • Yesterday I tried on a pair of size 12 corduroys from my closet.  I expected them to be big, because all of the size 12 pants in my closet are big on me right now.  But my goodness, it was ridiculous, at least 4 inches of extra space at the waist, they just fell down.
    • I dug into my storage boxes to see if I saved any size 10 pants.  I found one pair and 3 pairs of size 12 jeans.  Hmmm, I’ve been wearing size 12, even before I started working out, why had I put them in storage.  I tried them on and they fit great, not snug, just comfy.
    • Right now in my closet I have pants size 12 and 10 that fit the same, not to mention the size 8 I tried on last week at the mall that fit just as well.  My goodness, I know we are getting bigger as a country and clothing houses are trying to keep us happy when we go clothes shoping but this is ridiculous.  When it comes to our bodies, we just need the truth.
    • Oh and I was reminded cruelly yesterday that many of my favorite shirts from 5-10 years ago I will never wear again, not because of my weight or moth holes, but because it is clear we now wear our shirts longer.  My old shirts look so short, so silly!!
  • The Lions the Tigers, Michigan sports oh my!!!
    • The Tigers have tied the series against the Yankees by winning game two at Yankee Stadium.  Now on to two home games.  Let that winning spirit soar!!
    • The Lions are 4-0, who would have guessed, I’m sad to say not me.  I think Head Coach Jim Schwartz said it best in regards to yesterdays game: “It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.” .  The fact that we have had two come from behind wins this seasons is a little scary but lets face it, it’s exciting.  Our defence is deep, our QB Stafford is just beginning to touch his potential and don’t get me started on our receivers, magic fingers!!
    • It’s an exciting time to be a Detroit sports fan, no mater what happens in the next 3 days/4 months, I’m going to remember this week!!

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Monday v4.0

  1. Men’s sizes are so much more clear. A 36′ waist is 36 inches. I think it would be nice to be sized in a similar manner. Of course, I don’t know how I would feel when my clothing size jumped “up” so big…hehe.
    As for the long term storage. I can’t wait to have the space to better store things. I have gotten in the routine of going through everything every 6 months to a year. Have a garage sale and what is not sold donate to Goodwill.

    • I agree on both counts. It’s so hard to order clothes online unless you are familiar with the line and they are consistent in sizing. The jump in size would be hard, but then again we’d all be jumping at the same time.

      You know, you are actually lucky to not have the space. It may be a lot of work, but it’s amazing what happens in a bigger space, you just fill it up (at least for me) and not necessarily in a good way. I need a 6 or 12-month rule!! I shouldn’t tell you all the old clothes I have sitting in my youngest’s closet. There is some good stuff in there too, it needs to get sorted and sold!!!

      also wanted to say that it’s nice to have you here at my blog, thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. Yes, ebooks are awesome. You can put hundreds of books on one little device. It’s a lot easier than having to buy more bookshelves. About the pirates, don’t worry. The pirates will all get sorted out, just like with Napster and the other peer-to-peer downloading programs. It just may take longer with books. I don’t see the publishing houses having as strong of a stranglehold on their content like the music and movie people do.

  3. I agree with Kathleen! I also think if I had to buy I size 50 pants I would have been very motivated to get that number down!

    We aren’t great when it comes to storage. Aside from Christmas decorations, things that go into storage might as well be thrown out because we never, ever use them. Storage is our black whole – things enter only never to be seen again. 😉

    • so true so very true, so why is it so hard to get rid of the stuff once I look at it again??? I’m smelling a winter project, I need to weed out again, guess I should weed out every year, that sounds like a really good plan!!

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