Scale Day v14.0

Another week in my journey is behind me.  I’ve kept to my goals, although there is room for improvement, more on that later.  Goals like being conscious of the food I’m eating, eating when I am hungry and noticing how food makes me feel have become enormously easier.  I am most thankful for this giant step in the right direction.  Sure I still grave a good burger or some pizza, but my portions are so different.  I’m always amazed when faced with a huge pie I pick one slice of zza and pair it with a big salad filled with healthy things (not the fatty salads of yesteryear).  I’m changing!!  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is so important and I’m pretty confident now that I will be able to keep my goals moving long after I reach my goal weight.  I’m not on a diet I’m changing my life. Balancing my diet with fruits and veggies is still a conscious effort, but it’s not as hard as it used to be and I’m feeling all the better for it, which urges me on this amazing journey.

For the last 6 weeks I’ve watched a pattern emerge.  One week I lose less than a pound and the next I lose more than one pound, the pattern has occurred three times in a row.  Last week I stated I wanted to add more Pilates and Yoga to my routine and I did.  The additional workouts pushed my exercise minutes to over 400, almost a 100 more minutes than the norm for the last eight weeks.  I was hoping the additional workouts and the above mentioned pattern would guarantee a loss of more than one pound.  I woke this morning pretty eager to get on the scale.  My only nerves hit when I entered my bathroom and when I stepped on the scale, but they didn’t slow me down.  I lost 1.3 pounds this week for a 4 week total of 3.8 pounds and a 14 week total of 15.8 pounds!! My BMI is now 27.3, which is down 2.9 points from my original BMI. I’m now more the 45% of my way to my final goal weight and I’ve lost 10% of my original weight.  The most exciting thing is that I have now officially lost all my baby weight!!  I haven’t weighed this little since the very beginning of 2006, WOW!! That is some milestone.

It is possible that next week I’ll lose less than a pound.  I still want to lose 5 more pounds before my Nia White Belt training that starts on November 12th, which is just 5 weeks away from this Saturday!!!  OMG!!!  Goals for this week: keep up on all my goals, including the additional Pilates and Yoga; schedule with dear husband a Thursday to drive to Lansing for a Nia class; and get more sleep!!  I can survive on 7 but I need at least 7 1/2. I’m really pushing my body these days and it needs time to rest and recover.  I have absolutely no time for injury, I need to listen to my body and right now it is begging for more sleep at night.

Right before my cool down, at the end of my workout, this morning I checked my heart rate, it was 84% of my max.  The most interesting thing was watching my heart rate slow down during the cool down.  There is no way my heart rate would have cooled that fast 4 months ago.  I’m actually looking forward to having my blood pressure taken at my next doctors appointment.

Even though I’ve got everything moving in the right direction, and I have lots of evidence that says what I’m doing is working, now is not the time to settle.  I want to keep pushing, keeping looking for what I can accomplish next, i.e. increasing my flexibility, preparing my body for Nia White Belt training, OMG, it’s 5 weeks away.  I’m not panicking, not really, not yet.  Well, I guess I need to work on calming my nerves regarding White Belt training too.

Have a great week everyone.  Happy hump day.  Welcome home Michael Morton and Amanda Knox. Dear Tigers: I’m not ready for your season to end tomorrow night, time to bring out all your moxy.  Dear Lions: Monday night football is no big deal, don’t forget who you are.  Last thought for all of you out there, what are you going to prove to yourself this week, is your moxy out and fighting?


4 thoughts on “Scale Day v14.0

  1. Hi Sidney,

    Congrats on sticking to and meeting your recent weight loss goals. I’ve been there myself, so I know how challenging that can be.

    Good luck on losing 5 pounds before your white belt training. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to do it in the 5-week timeframe. 🙂

    Take Care,


    • Thanks David!! Sticking to it, that’s exactly what I need to keep doing. This is the first time I’ve put the pressure on to lose weight, glad I picked an achievable goal. Still got to put my all in if it’s going to happen!! Thanks for crossing your fingers for me, it helps to know I’m not alone!!

  2. We can never settle. Ever. Because we deserve better for ourselves. Even when we hit our goal weight we need to continue to set goals and keep active even if we aren’t trying to lose weight. Complacency is killer! You know this though, that’s why you will continue to be successful.

    • Thank Dacia, your confidence in me is very helpful!! I know I’m going to need to be just as vigilant in the next several months and not just b/c of the holidays. I’m so glad I’m building a base of routines and good friends to help push me through to that next goal and the next and the next

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