Random Thoughts Monday v6.0

When it feels like 39 degrees on a Monday morning it’s hard not to go right back to bed!  I however am feeling pretty energized today.  I know pretty surprising, amazing what the right amount of sleep and a fun weekend can do to energize you for the week ahead.  Hope your Monday is off on the right foot, even if it’s going to be a crazy busy week.

  • If no one is in the forest does the tree still make a sound when it falls, I believe that it does.  When you zone out on your workout do you still work your body well?  I’m not so sure about this one.  Sometimes it can be hard to keep my mind on my workout.  When I come back around I am usually still moving right with my videos, but I have to admit my heart rate has usually slowed.  Does this ever happen to you?  Does it only happen to those of us who workout at home to the same videos/DVDs or does it happen to those of you at gyms as well.  I do think it could happen to me anywhere, I’m just juggling so much these days, but I’m certainly going to change things up, I need a challenge.  I’m going to be thinking about my next challenge, hopefully I’ll have more for you on Wednesday.
  • It may be mid October but two new shows are starting in the next week Grimm (Friday, NBC 9/8c) and Once Upon a Time (Sunday, ABC, 8/7c).  Luckily I’ve made significant cuts in the shows I’m still watching so I have room for these two new shows. I’m pretty excited about both.
  • It was bound to happy sooner or later, my Tigers lost and my Lions lost this weekend, BOO!!! Even WMU and UofM lost, but alas MSU won (thank goodness they were playing a Michigan team, so we could have at least one football win this week) and the Red Wings won too.  Big thanks to the Tigers, what a great year, hold your heads high men and look to next year, I for one can not wait!!!  As for the Lions, 5-1 is the start of a great year, don’t let your momentum slow.  Maybe San Fran gave you your first challenge, maybe it was just an off week, regardless, watch those tapes and get right back at it next Sunday.  I’ll be watching.

My in-laws should arrive within the next hour, time to put the finishing touches on the house.  Have a great week everyone.  Remember to push through each challenge and get ready to face the next, they tend to come quickly even if you are not looking.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Monday v6.0

  1. I am so- looking forward to Once upon a Time. It looks like its going to be a really great show! I love your random thoughts Sidney! 🙂

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