Random Thoughts Monday v7.0

One week until Halloween.  I can imagine a lot of folks will be enjoying scary movies and haunted houses this week, will I be one of them?  I’m pretty much a scaredy cat but I love Halloween.  I’m sad to say that my Halloween decorations are not even out, we don’t even have our pumpkins yet.  Well today I’m getting on the ball.  I’m going to finish my work asap and when my youngest goes down for his nap in a few I’m getting the decorations out!!!  I will.

  • My youngest is 2 and loves Yo Gabba Gabba, I found him a costume with his favorite character.  I tried a few times in the last week to get him to try it on and each time he has run from me.  Last night was my last shot (b/c if I return today I’ll get a full refund).  I pulled the costume out and I wish I had my video camera on.  He ran from me like a cartoon character, a couple steps straight ahead and then a few to the right and then the left and finally another two forward and he was out of the room.  He was not screaming, but the expression on his face was priceless: oh no, I know what you are trying to do to me and it aint going to happen lady.  My husband is returning the costume today and I hope to get my youngest to wear at least a hat next monday, we’ll see, I’ll let you know.
  • Tomorrow we are going to visit Gene the pumpkin man, he is supposedly a 5th generation pumpkin farmer and he’s a hoot.  Everything around his farm is accented orange.  His place is out in the country and I always get some of the best pictures of my boys.  I wonder what colors I’ll see on the leaves tomorrow?  Pumpkin pickin is a lot of fun at Gene’s place and it always ends with donuts and cider, well not for me this year, but it will still be a lot of fun!!
  • My Lions have now lost two in a row, but they are NOT done yet.  Calvin Johnson had another great game, but it wasn’t enough again yesterday.  To make matters worse our QB limped off the field near the end of the 4th quarter.  It sounds like he will be fine, but I’m going to be worried until I see him on the field doing his thing next Sunday.
  • Gardners, hello you still out there?  Don’t put your gardening gloves away just yet.  Now is the perfect time to move things around in your garden!!  Do you have perennials that are getting a little too big or not in the right place?  Did you plant any veggies this year?
    • Perennial Movin: take a big shovel make a big hole in your new spot (just a little bigger than what you plan to dig up) > dig up all or the part of the perennial that you want to move (make sure to dig deep, most roots will go down 6-12″, get as much as you can) > place your plant in the new hole, cover and pack in with dirt and that is it.
    • Veggie Feed: don’t dig up and pitch spent veggie plants, they are the perfect thing to feed your soil.  Chop your spent plants into less than 6″ pieces and bury them in your garden, leaves, branches, roots and all.  Come spring you will have nice rich soil.

That’s all for this week folks.  My baby is sleepin and it’s time to get out those Halloween decorations.  Have a good one and Stafford: rest up and lets kick some Bronco butt on Sunday, ROAR!!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Monday v7.0

  1. Hehe, I my older son does the same thing. I convinced him this year by the simple, “If you wear this you will get candy.” Which worked great for the Halloween thing we went to over the weekend. Have fun pumpkin picking!

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