Scale Day v19.0

Today is my last scale day before my Nia White Belt Intensive begins.  Five weeks ago I gave myself a challenge to lose another five pounds before my training.  As of last week I was at 4.7 pounds down and this week I’m still at 4.7 pounds down.  Total bummer, no loss, but hey no gain either.  Since I’m just .3 pounds away from the goal I am going to consider it a win.  Problem, last week I started a new challenge: lose 3 more pounds before Thanksgiving.  Now I only have two weeks to lose 3 pounds, eek!!

So what happened this week, why no loss?  I did great on the water, I averaged over 8-16 oz glasses of water.  I did great on sleep.  I did great on exercise minutes, goal is to get over 400 and I got in 405.  Food portions were good, listening to the hunger scale was good, but did I make the best choices in food and did I keep to my calorie limit, not really.  I could have made better food choices and my daily calorie intake was 100 calories higher than what it has been. Plus, I need to mention another variable, the monthly visitor, yes, she has cometh with a vengeance.

This next week I don’t really know what I have in store.  I have no idea how many exercise minutes I’ll be getting and I’ll be eating all my calories on the go.  Starting Saturday I’ll be on the road by 6:30am and home around 8:30pm.  Although my only at home work outs will occur today through Friday, I’m not going to let that deter me from getting a loss this week.  I’ve been doing a lot of planning this week for food.  I’ll be taking only good food choices with me, which is of course a huge improvement on this past week.

Lots of unknowns in the next week and coming off a week of no loss in weight.  I’ll be honest, I am feeling discouraged, but will I stop pushing forward, no way.

One day at a time, trust the process, taking stock and moving on


One thought on “Scale Day v19.0

  1. I am really hoping to be at Nia on Wednesday night, if for some reason that doesn’t work out, I’ll make it on Friday. I had planned to be there last night, but we got busy running errands and didn’t get done in time.

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