Scale Day v20.0

I’ve been having so much fun at my Nia White Belt Intensive!!  Intensive is the truth!!  I’m on day 5  (2 days to go after today) and I’m exhausted…I’m also feeling excited, exhilarated.  Lots of emotions this week.  I’m learning a ton about my body, lots that I already knew, but never took the time to really understand, listen and sense.  Even if you don’t want to teach Nia, their White Belt Intensive is transformative.  I can already sense a change in myself, a change that has started slowly through my weight loss journey, but this week my awareness has been heightened.

My days have been long, up around 5am, get ready and travel for 1:15, dance, learn, dance, learn, lunch, dance, learn, dance, learn, travel for 1:15, hug my kids and put them in bed, prepare for the next day, sleep 6-7 hours, rise and repeat…exhaustion

I’ve been eating when I have time, snacking a little, getting all my water, but even with all the dancing my heart rate does not always get up into the weight loss zone.  I’d say I’m getting at least 60-120 minutes of good workout minutes in everyday.  But since all my meals are on the go I was not sure what the scale would say today.

Last week my weight did not change at all, but today, I’m down 1.1 pounds, nice!!! 2.9 pounds lost in the last four weeks, 21.6 pounds down overall and I am happy!!!

Right now I’m going to find myself some coffee and get back to class.  Have you pushed yourself lately?  Have you thought about how your workouts make you feel?  Do you feel better or worse after your workouts?  How do you feel hours before and hours after your workout?  Hmmm, get quiet, feel and listen to YOUR body


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