Scale Day v22.0

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I may have had a wonderful week with family, but it was busy and stressful too.  Last week I didn’t make a new goal, although I didn’t plan to go completely without my daily goals.  I did plan on eating a full Thanksgiving Dinner and to have pie for desert, which I did.  I also planned to continue to workout everyday, which I didn’t.  I do believe I made good food choices all week-long (except yesterday), even my Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t proportioned crazy, 1/2 my plate was veggies!!  I kept to my water goal all week except for the last 2-days and the news gets worse from there.  Wednesday was our travel day and I was crazy busy with work and packing…I didn’t exercise.  Saturday and Sunday were busy with family activities and I didn’t exercise.  The week ended with only 4 workouts for 190 minutes of exercise, pathetic when I consider my goal is 400.  I haven’t had a week this low in minutes since before the 4th of July!!

Considering how disappointed I was with my efforts this week I had a terrible time getting up this morning for scale day.  I finally was able to get to it when I remembered as soon as I knew what the scale had to say I could move forward.  Last week I weighed in at 140.8, I was really hoping to still see that zero and I did, in fact I weight 140.4.  I have no idea how I lost .4 pounds!!!

Alright then, Thanksgiving week is done, time to look forward!!!  I only have 3 more scale days until Christmas weekend, wait, WHAT!!  Yes, only 3 more weeks, or should I say 3 more pounds.  I can do this.  I will get back to all my goals: enough sleep, water, hunger scale, food choices, DAILY exercise AND stretching.

Yesterday Dacia brought this wonderful idea to my attention: the ladies over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans posted some brilliance: O, Fitness – 25 Days of Exercise.  There is a printable Christmas tree and everything.  The idea is simple, exercise everyday from December 1st through to December 25th.  Everyday you exercise you can put a sticker on the printout, love this idea!!  Just what I needed to get back on track with daily exercise with the joy of stickers on top.

Here’s hoping we all have a fun, productive, non-stressful December, it starts tomorrow!!!


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