Random Thoughts Monday v13.0

I’m currently working on shaking off a bad mood.  Usually I prefer to write with some joy behind my words, but today I’m not sure that will happen, we shall see what effect the next several sentences has on my mood.

So why the bad mood, oh well, the typical stressors are all present.  I’ve got too much on my plate and I’m expecting way too much out of each day.  When I start thinking ugly thoughts all kinds of bad things start to happen.  Is it a coincidence, why yes, I actually think it is.

I usually like to think of myself as a glass is 1/2 full type of person.  It’s simply amazing, when you have a fresh and friendly outlook on life, how all kinds of nice things happen during the day.  So on bad days do nice things not happen?  Oh they happen, but you are too busy being grumpy to notice any of them and they just pass you right on by.

I have had two people enter my life that have reminded me of a couple of simple things.

  • Sometimes are best is less than what we expected
  • When we feel despair it is time to look for hope, not more bleakness

These two lines mean a lot to me and always seem helpful, but first I have to CHOOSE to help myself.  So if I don’t get out of this funk it is simply because I didn’t choose to, yes I believe this whole heartedly.  I have the power within to make my day what I want it to be, what do you want out of your day?

Ok, I think I’m ready, I’m going to go up and read those two lines again.

I’m starting to feel better, my energy has started to align and help me again, that was a close one though!!

Anyone ready for some random thoughts?

  • Where are you at in your Christmas or Holiday shopping? I’m nowheresville, which helped in making my bad mood.  This week is the week to make progress.  If I can get my game plan down this week and start making progress the whole month will be easier!!
  • Sinus colds are my enemy, but unfortunately they like me a lot.  My defense is simple: plenty of water, good food, exercise (yes exercise, the movement does a lot for my frame of mind and keeps my body energized to fight the germs) and the sinus rinse.  Pushing warm salt water up my nose is not fun, but man does it help!!
  • Oh Lions, your mighty roar is hard to hear, but I’m still listening!!

That is it for this week, tomorrow I have a date night with my dear husband and a few friends.  We are going to see Chris Cornell at a local theatre, he’s giving an acoustic show and I can not wait!!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Monday v13.0

  1. Lol. My cyber-sister. I have been feeling that I was in a bad mood all day. In the nicest of ways, you make me feel not alone. Enjoy your date night! Going out on a week night, you rebel you! :-))))

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