Scale Day v23.0

Last week I had one of my worst weeks in exercise minutes in the last 23 weeks and I’m happy to say that this week was most improved, but I did NOT get as many minutes as I should have.  My goal is 400 minutes a week and I got 320 minutes.  The good news is that I did work out every day.  I stayed within my calorie limit each day, but on average I fell 16 ounces shy of my water goal everyday.  My effort was really pretty good, but not great.  When I got on the scale this morning I laughed at what I saw.  My goal is to lose 1 pound each week.  I was not sure what I’d see this week, my thought was probably not a pound lost but more than half pound.  I lost 0.8 pounds, good but not great, but I will take it and move onto this week.

The stress of the month is most certainly getting to me and the sinus cold that has slowly been working its way into my body is not helping.  You know that feeling when you wake in the morning pretty eager for the day and then you remember all that you have to do, things you want to do and things you’ll never be able to get to, yeah, well that’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  Spending a few minutes each day meditating would certainly help.  Taking a look at all I need to do in the next 2 weeks and pushing back the due dates on a few things will certainly help, there really are just so many hours in a day.

This Sunday I will be making a trip back to Lansing to take a Nia class from my White Belt Instructor, Winalee.  Winalee is absolutely what my body and mind needs and I can’t wait.  Since I graduated with my White Belt I’ve been pouring over all I’ve learned and working on gettting that first routine in my body and mind.  The process of learning a routine is slow going, especially as a working mother of 2.  Sweet Winalee offered to have me lead one of the songs in this Sunday’s class.  Her offer both excited and terrified me.  I’ve decided to lead a song called Sol Tapado, it’s the 3rd song in the Sanjana routine and it’s only 3:52 long and the moves are pretty simple.  Over the next 4-days I will be listening to this song and doing the moves countless times.  The Nia way for instructors is to really know not only the moves but the song, so you don’t have to worry about what comes next when you are in front of your students.  Leading my first song in just a few days doesn’t worry me so much and actually leading in front of Winalee doesn’t worry me so much.  What worries me…not honoring the Nia way, not honoring me.  Yes, I need a few minutes to meditate and clear my mind of all distractions.

My love of Nia is not only what it can bring my body and mind in the minutes while I’m in class, but also what it can bring my body and mind during the whole day.  I’m stressing for good reasons sure, but is that a good reason to stress…NO.  Today I will spend a few minutes meditating and clear my mind of all distractions, afterwards I will put together a plan for the next two weeks and begin working that plan. Simple.

As for my health journey plans for this next week, continue to work on my goals.  I need a repeat of this last week with a few tweaks (another Nia-ism), slightly better food choices, just a little more water and 400 minutes of exercise!!!  I have two more weigh-ins before Christmas and 2.2 more pounds to lose to reach my current goal.  Breath, I’ve got this, now lets MOVE!!


2 thoughts on “Scale Day v23.0

  1. You are catching up Kathleen!! It did get better, but it got a LOT worse 1st, I posted all about that just today…but warning, today’s post somehow became a really LONG post, I should send cookies to who ever reads the whole thing 😉

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