Scale Day v24.0

This past week did not consist of many normals.  Many of my new ways of life were challenged.  When stress is high, my to-do list is extra long and my sinuses go crazy I need to remain focused on my daily goals and I certainly did NOT stop to think about the fact I AM still on a weight loss journey.  Lucky for me, many of things I do on this journey have become second nature, but my effort was still not 100% this past week.

Since the week of Thanksgiving I have failed to get 400 exercise minutes in a week and this week I failed again but not by much and I will count those 380 minutes as a success!!  Many of those minutes were the same movement, since I was studying for my first Nia teaching experience, which was not good for my body.  This past week I’ve dealt with a lot of sore muscles, to help I’ve been stretching a lot.  I’ve noticed that my stretching has improved much lately, not as quickly as I had wanted, but somethings have their own schedule!!!  So not only did I miss out on about 20-minutes of exercise I also did not get enough water in the last week.  Now I had a sinus cold, I should have been drinking more water not LESS, urgg.  To top off a bad week I was not getting the rest I needed either, again another bad when you are fighting a cold.  I did stick to my calorie limit and was good about planning out snacks each day, yeah one good thing.

I was so looking forward to getting on the scale today, NOT.  Today is also a measurement day for me, thank goodness!!  All my measurements stayed the same, except my waist and hips, both down another 1/2″ (total since start: 4 1/2″ off both!! ). Yes I did get on the scale and I gained, but only .3 pounds.

OK, fine, stop, take a breath, remember where I’ve been…I’ve lost 25.2 pounds…I can lose the last 10 pounds, oh that’s right I only have 10 to go…I can do this…I need to re-find my focus and give the same effort I have over the first 23 weeks…breath…now GO!!

This week it’s back to all my goals, exercise minutes, water, hunger scale, sleep, stretch, repeat

No giving up here, .3 pound gain, what ever, I’ve already moved on to this week, it is all about THIS WEEK!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!


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