Scale Day v25.0

Some bad news and some good news.  My youngest woke with a 100 degree temperature yesterday, by mid morning it was up to 102 and by lunch 104!!  He got a good nap in just his diaper and then we headed out for a 5pm doctor appointment.  We were home by 7pm with some free amoxicillin (our local grocery will give you this antibiotics and several others free with a prescription, so nice).  The doctor thinks he has strep throat!!  My 2-year-old who has only ever seen a doctor for well visits might have strep!!  Oh my!!  We wont know for sure if he has strep until Friday, but until then they will treat it like it is, hmmm.  Good news, after two doses of medicine, his temperature is back down to 100 today and he seems to be slowly coming back to that joyful boy.

To say I’m distracted by the “joys” of the season and my youngest is for certain.  I want to look at the bright side.  Everything I need to be ready for this weekend is in the house, now I just need to finish a million things, my youngest needs to continue to get better and then…the joy of the season can truly begin.

Before I get back to my youngest (who just feed me a cheeze-it) and my long to-do list…Christmas has come early to this lady!!!  I know hard to believe with the way my post started.  Today is my weekly scale day.  Over the last TWO weeks I’ve only lost a grand total of .5 pounds.  This week I had less exercise minutes than last week, but I did better on the amount of sleep, did a TON better in water and I made better food choices.  I actually ate a little more this week, but I picked healthier foods and I got snacks in too.  This morning I didn’t know what to expect.  Would you believe it if I told you I lost 3.1 pounds this week, well I did, seriously!!  Wow, what, ya, 3.1 pounds!!!  So what was the big change this week? Water!!  I was probably retaining some water and this week with hitting my water goal all but one day certainly did the trick.

Three weeks ago I set a goal to lose 3 more pounds before Christmas and I am happy to say that I actually lost 3.6 pounds.  Wait the news gets better.  I have now lost 28.3 pounds and my BMI is now…………………………….25.0

HOLY _ _ _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

It wont be long now before I can officially say I am NOT over weight!!  Wow, so exciting.  I actually only have to lose .3 pounds more before I hit the beautiful 24.9!!!  Yes, Christmas has come early 😀 I’m not making any goals or new challenges this week.  I’m going to follow my goals, drink my WATER, and for sure listen to my hunger scale and have a few Christmas cookies, but just a few.  This year is a success. 😀

Each week I work hard on trusting the process and I will certainly take that thinking into the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


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